My first new LV messenger bag & it is besace mary kate!

  1. Hi all,
    I just want to share my joy of having MM Besace TST Mary Kate :love:
    It is just so cute and I :heart: the cherry colour. I just posted pictures carrying it on the visual aids thread. :smile:
    avatar_besace_1 copy.jpg avatar_besace copy.jpg avatar_besace_2 copy.jpg
  2. it is adorable.. i saw it in person and it's so cute...
    great buy!
  3. I love it. I always wanted one of these! Congrats!
  4. So cute! =)
  5. This is such a cute bag! Looks very functional too. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. Congrats!
  7. Thanks! :smile: I've been wanting a LV shoulder/messenger bag that functions as a diaper bag (just so I can have a free hand to carry my baby) and a work/shopping bag. I was debating between large musette or besace mary the end besace won! :girlsigh:
    I also like the fact that it can be a shoulder bag or a messenger bag. It is not only cute, it is also very comfortable due to its thick strap + shoulder pad. :P
    Plus, the outside pocket is so adorable! :love:
  8. Love that color, congrats on a great piece!
  9. Verrrrry nice, thanks for the pics!
  10. I love it!
  11. very pretty, congrats! :biggrin:
  12. Very cute bag!!
    It looks so casual yet chic~:heart:
    Can you tell me how big the bag is?
    Is it big enough to fit a magazine?
    maybe a thin binder?
  13. Congrats! Mini Mono is so cute :love:
  14. Congrats!!! Such a beautiful color too.
  15. beautiful! use it in good health!