My first new Fendi tote!

  1. I bought my first NEW fendi bag and received it today. I really love everything about it, shape color, material. Only I was amazed of the zipper!!
    I read some other girl's complaint about her zipper as well and wonder if this is 'normal' for fendi bags. I is quite hard to open and close. You need to make some effort that is... I never experienced this with a designer item before. This is one of the reasons I like designer bags, they have the best and smoothest zipper (call me crazy, but I like these little things that make a bag luxury..)
    It is a riri zipper. And I did spray some silicon oil on it, which made it a bit better, but it didn't make a big difference.
    Is this a common thing for fendi bags?
    Anyway, I did order another fendi bag (without a zipper luckily) and will post it later on. My camera is broken, so I can't post my own pics yet (getting a new one in a few days), so added the NAP pic...
    Hope you girls like it and any input on the zipper issue is welcome!!
  2. Congrats on your B-Mix bag! This is an incredibly functional bag, imo and an instant classic!

    I don't have this particular style so I'm not sure about the issue you're having with the zipper. Where is it getting caught at? Is it at the corners? I'm wondering if the shape.

    I hope it all works out for you! Let us know how it turns out with the other one.
  3. Thanx Balenciagalove! I really like the simple yet timeless look of it as well. The zippers isn't caught at one particular point. It' just that it takes quite some effort to open and close it over all. I'm a bit torn about it, because I love the bag, but the zipper does bother me... :sad:
    I think I'm good with the other one, it's the gold mirroir purse and has a magnetic clasp closure.. My vintage chef bag has one and that's a comfortable closure IMO.
    I know opinions are quite divided about the mirroir bags, but I really wanted a gold purse and I just loved this one (I believe it's a more subtle gold than the LV mirroirs...) anyway, I'm guessing it will be here in a day or 2... If only I found it earlier, I could have worn it tonight to my newyears party! Oh well, there'll be other occasions:rolleyes:
    Again, I added the online pic of it, for those who want to see it before I can take a pic of my own...
  4. I also have this bag with the black and zucca print, and the zipper can be a little difficult at times. I think it's just because of the shape of the bag, but I love the bag so much that I just ignore it!
  5. Wow I love it!! Congrats on that gorgeous tote!!
  6. Gorgeous tote!
  7. I love this bag. I tried on the crazy metallic turquoise and l loved the feel of it under my arm. Congrats! I'm sure this will carry you through many days!
  8. Roxana - If the zipper bothers you, I'd say take it back. There are plenty of functional great bags by designers that will work. Maybe a different Fendi tote would be better? It's a lot of money to spend on a bag that doesn't perform as you'd like it to.

    At least you found a gold Fendi that works for you. The gold one is quite a stunner without being over the top.
  9. I was just looking at this tote today in grape patent. It's a great looking bag. The gold one is cute, too!
  10. Yes, that's what I thought as well. Love the rest of the bag, but I think it should be perfect for that price.. I might think about it some more though, grrr such hard decisions in the new year LOL

    Thanx ladies, for all the nice comments!
  11. I decided to keep her regardless of the hard zipper. Loving her more and more everytime I see her, so I don't think I'll regret it :nogood:
    Oh and I just found this in the celeb section, I wonder if beyonce has the same zipper problem LOL.. I like my black one better though ;)
  12. I love the tote.
  13. How are you liking your B Mix bag so far? I'm eyeing one in black coated leather with orange topstitching. It's either that or a canvas B bag, but I'm leaning towards the B mix since it's all leather and is a style that's more classic.

    The gold mirroir purse is lovely. I own a pink mirroir Fendi key case. Loved it, but unfortunately the laminated metallic part has started to peel...
  14. Congrats!
  15. Oh I love it! Haven't regretted my decision one second since I decided to keep it! Especially because I know this is such a timeless shape and is perfect for documents and stuff... Mine has orange stitching as well (I guess it's the same you want?) got it at NAP.
    Can't wait to receive the gold purse either. Hope the metallic holds up, but I guess I won't use it as intensively as you do you key case?! And I have a working camera now so I'll take pics when I get home! :yes: