My first neutral feedback left for seller

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  1. #1 Oct 22, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2012
    As mentioned lightly in a thread before, a dress I purchased have finally arrived today domestic after 27 days since payment.

    The seller was not responsive at all until 20 days after, stating she had a family emergency. but at the same time I can see she have been buying picnic basket etc on ebay, so the emergency wasnt big enough to shop but it is to ship I guess.

    I did tell her I totally understand and to save her from a trip to the PO I would agree to take a refund and cancel the transaction. 5 minutes later she said verbatim "I sucked up the high price for overnight and shipped it"

    So after about 3 days I received the dress in the condition expected, but noticed the shipping label was printed off ebay 2 weeks prior and obviously the reason why she did not want to refund. (its not overnight btw)

    I probably would not be angry for waiting a month for domestic shipping until she started lying saying she was replying to my messages and I didn't receive all of them due to ebay error, and many others to top.

    I really want to leave negative but left neutral since she only have 12 feedbacks :sad: I like the dress, but this transaction was so uncomfortable... sometimes its hard making a feedback decision because IE she did list 10 day handling time and I put that in my feedback for others to see. In cases similar what would you have done?
  2. You left a neutral... not what I would have done...

    Lying & delayed shipping plus poor communication does not make for
    a good ebay seller .. any potential buyers should know about how this
    seller conducts herself, but that's just my opinion...
  3. I would probably have given the neutral also, only because I liked the product. I would have dinged the stars though.

    I think that poor feedback is more important to sellers with high feedback who are trying to build a business rather than someone with 12 feedbacks, who may be just an occasional seller. If she gets bad feedback, she can just start over with a new account. It has taken me years to get my 300+ feedback so it would be more devastating to get a negative now, even though the percentage would be less.
  4. If the dress came in good condition, I would have probably also gave a neutral. I admit I would consider about giving a negative though. The seller did not deserved any positive feeback due her lies, poor service and poor communication.
  5. exactly, I don't think she would even care now with her attitude :sad: I need to stop making them last 12 second bids when I come across cute stuff! lol
  6. yea, I decided for a while to give neutral or just not leave one, then thought maybe I should put it there for others to see since its not the only thing she sold
  7. need more guts like you :P
  8. Years ago I had a seller who did not send my item for a month. I had to trace my money order (that was cashed the first day he received it), get his contact info from ebay, and call his local police dept. His excuse? He "forgot". Funny how sellers like this never forget your money! Oh, they grab that up right away! I did not hesitate to give this clown negative feedback.
  9. Communication & consideration is important..

    I wonder how this seller might have felt if she bought an item & was yang yanged

    around by the seller who she bought the item from??

    This seller doesn't set a good example at all...
  10. yang yanged? :roflmfao:
  11. that also reminded me, the sellert said "I didn't have a bank account tied to my paypal, therefore I cannot issue the refund because there is no money and it" and thats just bs beyond so many levels, I'm too tired to argue. I think she might have refunded if she didnt pay for shipping 2 weeks ago!
  12. new term learned :P
    and sadly not the first time too :crybaby:
  13. I don't think she thought of anything at all. irresponsible college girl with much problems is all that comes to my head.
  14. I have only given one negative in 14 years on eBay and it was for a very similar situation. The seller delayed and delayed shipping, gave excuses and more excuses... the item was to be a gift but even though I bought it a few weeks before I needed it, the seller's delays meant it was getting to be too close to the occasion I needed it for. So I finally said to the seller, please just refund my money. He said, "oh, I already sent it yesterday." Package shows up and it's postmarked (from the post office, not a label he printed) the day after I asked for the refund. Not the day before, like he said. I negged him for lying... he was pretty mad!
  15. In my many years on ebay, mostly buying, i have only lefr three or four negs. I did leave one recently foy a guy that sold me a fake and wouldnt pay to take it back. I much prefer dinging the stars in a case like this. But i can see why others would do a neg or neutral.