MY FIRST NEICE in BIG coach shoes!

  1. thats right, my baby neice is rockin some coach (her mums of course not hers hehe) that pic is from her myspace and the caption is something like "mom thinks baby needs her OWN pair of coach shoes!"

    so hot!

    her name is Kierstin Desire! lovely babyyyy!

    my very first neice oh ya!
    thas MA NIECE!.jpg
  2. so cute!!!
  3. Congrats on your new baby niece, what an adorable photo! Certainly destined to be the next generation Coach lover! :heart:
  4. What a sweetie! And good taste already!
  5. Too cute!!

    My oldest niece has outgrown my shoes (I'm a 6.5-7 and she's in a 9 at age 13:amazed: ) so my Coach shoes are out of the question, but she did put dibs in on my bags the other day.
  6. well she's born and a bred coach lover, cuz my mother (her grandma) is a collecter and has been for years. too bad I ALREADY called dibs on her collection lol!

    she's my little brothers daughter... (he's 19... eek!)
  7. LOL they fit PERFECT! HA!
  8. She's adorable! ;)
  9. Awww....too cute!
  10. aww, what a cutie!
  11. That is adorable!
  12. That's one cute and stylish baby!
  13. tooo cute!!!
  14. Awwwwwww! That would be such a great ad campaign for Coach, wouldn't it? Little girls (babies and even pre-teens) in their mom's/aunt's/grandmother's Coach? AWWW!
  15. SUCH a bonding experience! :yes: muahaha....