My First, so mad. Long. Sorry.

  1. Well, some newbie just tarnished my perfect feedback after three years...I am beyond angry and just need to rant a little. I typically sell high end designer items...mostly of my own and always authentic. My buyers are always happy and I work hard to represent my items correctly and honestly and to ship quickly. Never, ever a problem until now...not over a bag but over a stupid little Christmas tablecloth. I am beyond angry at this situation. I had two tablecloths given to me as gifts...brand new in package. I did not need them so decided to put them up on eBay...just to get rid of them honestly. I figured, why not? Same buyer with 4 feedbacks only bid and won them even though I put in my auctions: buyers with less than 5 must contact me prior to bidding. Because these were not big ticket items I let it go. Well, buyer paid quickly and I gave discounted combined my dismay I went to find them and one was missing. Seems my sister swiped one and I was unaware of it. I, of course, instantly contacted the buyer and apologized profusely and offered her to back out of the auction if she wanted or if she wanted just the one table cloth I would offer her a discount. She accepted the later offer and told me "no big deal". Figured it all worked out, right? Guess what? She neg'd me and I am furious. No choice but to neg her back and file for mutual withdrawl. Sorry to go on and on but I am just so mad. Any thoughts anyone?:hysteric:
  2. Sorry this happened to you. Stuff happens, as they say.
    I hope the buyer will go for the withdrawal, she only has 5 feedbacks now & the neg. will hit her a lot harder than it will hit you.
    I'm hoping this works out for you.:yes:
  3. sorry that happen to you and hope it get resolved...some ppl are just so mean..:tdown:
  4. THanks for the word from her yet but I am just so angry. At one point during our correspondence she told me not to worry about it and then this. Really disappointing. Oh, well..not loosing sleep just needed to let off some steam.
  5. She could report you for being a non-performing seller.

    Did you yell at your sister?
  6. Of course I yelled at my sister. LIsten, I take full responsibility for the mistake. What gets me is that she sort of made fun of me for being so overly concerned and told me "no big deal", "life goes on without another tablecloth", I really thought all was well and I gave her a huge shipping discount on the one item. Yes, I messed up but she misrepresented herself with her reaction. This is the problem with new ebayers. I think she did not fully understand the impact her negative can have on sellers. I have over 400 perfect positives and really prided myself on that. Yes I have made mistakes before but always worked it out with my buyers...never a problem.
  7. Sometimes I just don't think newbies realize the importance of eBay feedback. I'd like to think that if they did they'd be a little more willing to not only leave feedback, but to leave positive feedback so they might get it in return.

    I'd be unhappy, too. Each time I make a sale to a newer member I hold my breath until I either get positive feedback of the feedback period expires. I actually had a lady leave me positive feedback for a pristine LV Damier Alma 2 weeks ago, and then a few days later accused me of sending her a fake and threatened a PayPal claim. Luckily my listing had stated that claims of inauthenticity must be verified with a LV store manager, and when she went to the store, both the SA and manager assured her it was genuine. This buyer actually referred to the leather on the bag as "rubber", def showing that she had no knowledge of LV bags, period. No "Sorry I accused you, nothing"...Although I don't sell an extraordinary amount on eBay and I always ask for 10 feedback or more, I can't tell you the number of new to Ebay buyers I have to bend over backwards to please, and then they don't have the courtesy to leave feedback!

    If this gal only has 4 feedback, obviously a neg will hurt her percentage more than yours, but that's no consolation when you've worked so hard to keep your rating flawless. I think in your shoes that I'd do as you suggested, leave a negative and then hope she's willing to agree to a mutual withdrawal.

    Just what you need this time of year, huh? I definitely feel for you! Hope it all works out.
  8. THanks MissusB...exactly what I was thinking...some Christmas spirit, huh? I left a negative. We'll see what happens. What really burns me up is that this is over a silly $20.00 tablecloth...I have sold authentic Hermes, Prada, etc...and now this over a table cloth. I guess you just can never let your guard down and ultimately this was my own fault. I just expect too much I guess. Oh, well...thanks for letting me vent.
  9. A neutral I could have understood, but a negative for this situation was spiteful.
  10. Many newbies don't understand eBay feedback system. They thought it is just like leaving a comment on Amazon. I won't be held as a hostage by the feedback system. Whoever read your feedback would know it is a honest mistake. I understand it is very hard to loose the 100% feedback. But as a buyer of myself, that negative feedback will not stop me buying from you.
  11. THanks for saying that...appreciate it.
  12. You could also file with Square Trade. It costs $30 if they find in your favor, but if they do, they remove your neg FB rating, not the other party's FB. I did this for someone who sold me fake bag and gave ME a neg! I too was bummed about losing my 100% pos FB, so the $30 was worth it to me. Maybe this might work for you too.
  13. I bet she will want to do a mutual removal. I signed my mom up for an ebay account, and something similar happened on her first buy. The seller was very nice and refunded mom's money; mom left a neg. Seller negged her back. Mom was very upset, and I had to arrange the mutual feedback removal for her. After that, all was well. Like others have said, buyer probably thinks of the overall transaction as negative (after all, there were negative aspects), and honestly, if you were to think of such a transaction objectively and put a label on it, your overall rating would probably be negative. However, we all know that's not how eBay feedback works (well, except the newbies). Anyway, you should be fine and hopefully she will do the mutual withdrawal.
  14. I hope so...have not heard anything yet.
  15. I also got my first neg. a few month ago when I paid for something immediately and didn't receive it after waiting 3 weeks. I filed a claim and got my money back and didn't bother to leave any feedback because as far as I'm concerned, I won the claim and purchased somewhere else. I don't hear from the seller for 2 months and "wham!" they give me a neg. with a comment of "whatever". WTF:wtf:?! I never saw it coming and believe me, I was pis@#ed off! I was the wronged party and felt that it was unjustified but in the mist of my anger, I left them a neutral instead of a negative.....take about being blindsided (on my end). Needless to say it ruined my perfect 100% feedback and to this day it's still a sore point with me. I no longer have the inclination to sell anymore.....that's how angry I still am. :cursing: