My First Muse...but I'm uncertain!!


Jan 1, 2007
So I had planned a 'window shopping' trip down Bond St which ended up being more shopping and less window.

I went to the YSL store and was driving the SA a bit crazy (she was really lovely but I'm sure I was trying her patience!) because I'm SO indecisive! :Push:

I looked at oversize and large Muses in both Ivory and Patent Black.

In the end I came away with a large Ivory Muse.

BUT I really really think I need an Oversize. Yes they're huge but I think I'd like to use the Muse for work and I need to carry lots of files for that. Also I do just prefer the look of the Oversize!! So I'm now thinking Black Oversize? The ivory is gorgeous but I'm bound to mark many decisons!!

Any opinions? I know it's difficult as no one can make up my mind for me, but what do people here prefer in their Muses for size/colour?! I'm so confused!! :shrugs:
You know, the "Oversize vs. Large Muse Question" is probably the single most-talked-about issue in this YSL subforum! :rolleyes: There are SO many threads if you do a search (and so many different opinions).

Personally, I own a Chocolate Oversize Muse. Before I bought it in July, I debated for months about the size. Ultimately, I also preferred the look of the Oversize--I felt like it was the "quintessential" Muse that was seen most often on the runways and on celebs, and that the bag just looked better longer and more vertical (north-south), as opposed to the shorter Large size. That said, plenty of tPFers have the Large, and they think the Oversize is too big, which I can certainly understand.

I also use my Oversize Muse for work, and I find it works well. I guess the thing for you to do with your Large is try to fit your stuff in it and see how it works for you. Model it in the mirror. If you really feel like you could go up a size--and that you need to go up a size to accommodate your things--then do it. As for the color, I personally think that black or brown would be more practical than ivory for a bag you are planning on using everyday. Just my opinion.

p.s.--The important thing to keep in mind is that the Muse is a GREAT bag! You should be happy. You can't go wrong, no matter what color or size!
I have the exact bag you got and :heart: it! I get compliments everytime I use it! For me the oversize felt like I was carrying luggage.

No matter what you decide you have a great bag! :yes: Good Luck!
I have the exact bag you got and :heart: it! I get compliments everytime I use it! For me the oversize felt like I was carrying luggage.

No matter what you decide you have a great bag! :yes: Good Luck!

Ditto to what Michelle said:yes:

I have the Med and the Large and I :heart: the Large white/Ivory..I just got it over a week ago and I'm STILL in love with it...But to be honest I think the Ivory for work will get dirty and maybe damaged...If you need a work MUSE then go black or brown...
I have the large Muse in ivory and Im absolutely in love with it. I tried out the oversized but honestly, I felt like it should be a piece of carry on luggage! It just wasn't for me as an every day bag.

If it's for work, you may not want the ivory. I carry mine to work, however, I also have my own office and I don't carry work stuff in it. I am really gentle with it and it is very babied. It doesn't get beat up. If the bag will take a lot of abuse, I'd be more inclined to go with black.
I have the large black muse for work. I picked it because it was a practical color (if it were not for work I would have gone for the oak), so I understand your hesitation about the ivory. Though I have the large and think it is the right size for me (I am 5'3 and though I live in heels, the oversize swamped me in a way that I didn't like) if I were you I would get the oversize in black, simply because it is hard to fit files in my large. And I know A4 files are even longer.
Thank you everyone for the feedback it's really useful!! :yes: I love reading about everyone's bags and how happy they are with them, only a great bag can have create that :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: feeling!!

I've returned the white large and have a credit note and think I'm going to go with the oversize in black as I would like to use it for work and it will get used a lot!!

I may still get a white muse in the future but I think black will work best for me now and perhaps in the summer if I feel like a white bag I'll go for the muse!
Lilana --

I vote oversized dark colored muse as well, because you ARE using it for work, and oversized is, i think, the "look" that typifies the Muse. The lighter color is TDF, but soooo not practical if you're going to let work abuse it.

The Muse is a wonderful bag, and I know you'll be happy with whichever you end up getting.
definitely the patent black - the white muse will always be there, but not the patent black.

Size wise, go with what u need, not what's IN. What's in might not suit ur frame - i.e. if u're petite and a large muse looks huge on u, then u probably shdn't be thinking about the oversized - that would look silly on u, and u'd become a muse for the Muse, not the other way rd! haha