My first Muse 2 and I don't know the exact name...

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  1. Hi all! I've just been to Paris with DH and came back with this gorgeous bag!
    I know it's made of calfskin but can't find it on the YSL online store... The SA mentioned that it just arrived in the store, so I'm really not sure.

    Oh well, here it is!
    Medium Muse 2, calfskin, with suede lining and silver hardware! 1345 euros.

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  2. That's stunning! The color and texture are TDF. Congrats!
  3. so pretty and unique - love the texture!
  4. Wow! It's gorgeous! Congrats!
  5. Its gorgeous!!
  6. WOW! It's wonderful!
  7. It is an amazing neutral colour and the unique thing is its texture!
  8. Your Muse is amazing!
  9. Gotta tell ya, I think the reason the SA said it was new was because of the skin they now are using - calf. Very strong and durable and rain-free! IOW, no water stains! The bag is absolutely gorgeous! In fact, if I see it here, I might just buy it! Enjoy!
  10. Thank you all so much for your compliments! Yes I love the texture of it, plus the fact that it has silver hardware :smile: That made me buy it.
  11. Sooo beautiful!!
  12. Congratulations on your beautiful new Muse. The new Muse bag is currently shown on the Bergdorf Goodman website.
  13. Beautiful, congrats! YSL is refering to this texture as lizard skin (embossed) and I think it really suits the style of the Muse Two. It's a gorgeous color, too!
  14. aaahhh.. so pretty congrats!!

    what's in the chanel bag?! :graucho:
  15. Thank you ladies for such quick info! In the Paris outlet, there's also a darker gray lizard-embossed muse 2 that's equally delicious.

    Here are a couple of modeling shots for fun :smile:

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