My first Mulberrys

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  1. Hello, I have to start by saying I've never really been a handbags and shoes kind of girl but I just recently had a birthday and decided it was time. My husband bought me a lovely Kate Spade bag and wallet which I have shared on the KS forum, and I also got a Mulberry Mini Lily from my in laws. Having not been that much into bags I felt a bit sick thinking of how much it had cost and how little I can fit in it but I am firmly in love with it and now have my eyes on a regular Lily too. I also managed to track down a never used locked cosmetic pouch in pink on eBay and at the moment it is my favourite thing ever! I just wanted to share my treats!
  2. Lovely bags - congratulations and enjoy using them. I only just got a Mulberry but have a few Kate Spade bags and they are such good quality and lovely to use. Enjoy :smile:
  3. Lovely Mulberry items......enjoy using them! :smile:
  4. Love the make up bag ️
  5. Welcome to the Mulberry slippery slope! :biggrin:
  6. Very nice, congrats!!
  7. Thank you everyone! It is a slippery slope Skater. I must confess to once saying anyone who spends that much on a handbag needs their head examining...oh how young and naive I was! I uttered the words no man wants to hear after marriage to my husband the other night...'I like handbags now' his response was good luck with that! :biggrin:
  8. A lovely little collection. I have the same cosmetic pouch, so it seemed obvious to me I had to have the matching French purse! Welcome to the (very) slippery slope x
  9. :giggles: he's not on the phone to his lawyer is he?!!
  10. I think he'd start with the bank and cancel all my cards first...but guess what I'd be spending my half of the divorce settlement on! :lolots::lolots:
  11. This is us..
  12. Gorgeous, enjoy 😍😍
  13. Congrats on your lovely mini lily and your gorgeous cosmetic purse.
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    Fabulous items, congratulations, I simply love the cosmetic pouch, what a colour! Enjoy and once again welcome to the slippery slope, it's VERY slippery at times!
  15. 😂😂😂

    So true! Never thought I would own so many 👜👜👜 one day.. 😜😜😜