My First Mulberry

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  1. Okay I've just taken the plunge and ordered a Evelina Satchel in Fudge from the Flannels Sale.

    Completely new to Mulberry and wanted my first purchase to be a 'new' bag so can anyone give me some tips on how to keep it looking awesome for as long as possible?

    I have to admit I don't have ANY designer bags (aside from a Radley which I thought doesn't really count?!) and felt a bit sick spending so much money on something so I want to make it last :smile:

    Thanks x
  2. Just love her unconditionally (and just be careful with marks/stains and don't go out in heavy rain, like it is today)!
  3. Well done maisykayleigh! - and may this be the first of many! - I acquired my Mulberry addiction only relatively recently - but am well and truly hooked now! - use her, love her, and above all, enjoy!....(but just remember to take heed of Steph's advice!!!)
  4. congrats :smile: cant wait for the reveal!!!
  5. I acquired my designer handbag addiction recently too and it's not just limited to Mulberry :blush:

    Collonil leather cream and the waterstop spray are good to use to nourish and protect the leather.

    I think the Evelina satchel is a beautifully understated bag. I'm looking forward to your reveal! It's a little bit of a wait with Flannels standard delivery, I think. I bet you can't wait!

  6. Thank you :smile: I've been waiting for the right bag for ages at the right price and it seemed to click into place when I saw it - I'm not a big fan of 'showy' brands so I think she's definitely understated for me :smile:

    I've already ordered the Collonil too (I bet that arrives first knowing my luck!)!

    The website said 5 to 7 days so I have a feeling I'm going to be harassing the Yodel man at work for a little while!