My first Mulberry!

  1. I'd been looking at getting a Bayswater for a very long time, and decided that today was the day. On my way into the store though, I saw a woman wearing a beautiful pink Alexa and fell in love!

    I'm loving the rosegold h/w and how adorable this bag looks! It won't work as my work bag (which i what I wanted the Bays for) but I can't wait to wear it out!!
    IMG_7784.jpg IMG_7797.jpg
  2. is this the plaster pink? it looks so pretty and spring like!
  3. It is plaster pink! I love it so much - so easy to wear and goes with a lot more than I thought! I can't wait til spring :yahoo:
  4. That is a lovely colour! Great choice!
  5. What a pretty Alexa! Hope you carry it in good health!
  6. Nice color, haven't seen it before! Great choice, congrats!
  7. It's lovely, enjoy wearing it.

  8. Great colour, the rose gold hardware is perfect with it. Congrats :smile:
  9. Thanks ladies!!

    Has anyone else had this color before? I'm starting to test it out around the house, and nothing has flaked yet, but just looking at the way the bag wears and creases I'm getting a bit worried that it might flake, and i've read a lot in this forum regarding concerns with Mulberry. Do you think it will wear okay? I actually was going to get black/rosegold, because I'm more comfortable with the way black bags wear, but this pink was so beautiful it won me over.

    Should I go back and exchange it for black??
  10. Beautiful Alexa! I wouldn't be worried about it flaking, my only concern would be colour transfer.
  11. Beautiful bag but like gunsandbanjos I would worry about colour transfer
  12. I love this colour and the rose hardware! I went for beige maxi grain for my first Mulberry and don't regret it at all. You can get a practical bag later ;)
  13. Lovely bag. If you don't mind babying it a bit keep it, but if you want to wear it cross body with jeans without worry I would go for black. I myself don't mind having one or two bags that need special care, as long as you have an alternative for when you're too busy to mind your bag. Final word: If you really love it, it's worth it!
  14. Yes that would be my worry too, I am so OCD with my powder beige bays & sometimes it takes the fun out of wearing it but I would just avoid dark denim as that's a killer to light leather.

    Congrats on a very pretty bag & great for summer, maybe your bays could be a dark winter colour :graucho:
  15. wow, love the color! so lady:love: