My first Mulberry - the Amberley satchel - raises more questions than joy...

  1. Hi everybody,

    this is my first time posting in this subforum. I fell for the Amberley ever since I saw it first here:

    But there is no Mulberry store where I live. I had the chance to visit one while traveling, the SA was lovely and let me play with the different sizes. I decided to go for the dark frozen silky calf satchel.
    I put it in the bin of the online store several times, then I talked myself out of it (too many bags already, prefer wearing backbags due to rinding my bike everywhere, the lock looks a bit like the nose ring of an ox, silky calf being a delicate leather......). Once it got unavailable online I knew I needed it:angel:.
    And I found it in a department store (after asking, was already in the back). Since I knew exactly what I wanted and it was 3 minutes before closing time I just grabbed it, payed and went home.
    The next day I unpacked it and found A STAIN on the flap. My heart sunk. It was rather faint, but I just can not unsee it. "Great" I thought "now I am just like the ladies on tpf, complaining about a little thing on a new bag." I thought I could live with it, but it bothered me, even a friend noticed. So I took photos and mailed the store. The told me they had another one (same size and color), but it also has a stain on the flap...
    Amberley fleck.jpg
    Ugh. I really want that bag.

    So I started wearing it and removed the protective plastic.
    Next unpleasant thing: the hardware looks strange, not shiny at all, rather uneven, almost spotted. I am not a native speaker, it is hard to describe. I took some photos, but it is hard to capture. And somehow it feels still like plastic to touch.
    Amberley Lock 1.jpg Amberley Lock 2.jpg
    Sooooo, after all a beautiful bag from far, but don't look close :sad:

    But: it holds more than I expected and I really like the shape, I even wore it to the Renaissance fair :P
    Amberley fair.jpg

    Here are my questions:
    Is this normal for Mulberry hardware to look this way?
    How can I get an even shine? Is the hardware gold plated or permabrass?
    How can I get rid of the stain? Has anybody tried Collonil leather cleaning gel on Mulberry leather?
    It is written on the website to use Collonil leather gel on the bag, but this is a product to make it waterproof, I am afraid it will seal the dirt in the leather. How often/at what times am I supposed to use this gel?
    Do Mulberry bags usually come with an authenticity card? (at a second had site a seller was asked for one, I did not get one) or a box???
    Is the silky calf leather new? I saw a thread on it, but not many answers on how it stands the test of time...

    Thanks for reading, any input will be very much appreciated!
  2. I can't answer all your questions but here are a few:
    -The hardware is shiny on most styles but not the amberley, it's more dull but looks like it will be resistant to stratches and fingerprints etc.
    -Leather gel is amazing, I've used it to take off makeup marks on my bags and to buff out small scratches. Its not a cleaner persay, but definitely give it a go and see if it helps!
    -Mulberry bags don't come in boxes nor do they have authenticity cards, or at least none of mine ever have.
    Hopefully this helps a little and someone else can answer your other queries!
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  3. Yup, no 'authenticity' card or box.
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  4. Your answers were very helpful, Thank you!
    I had the chance to look at another Amberley in a different color, the hardware looked exactly the same.
    With the leather gel the stain got fainter, I seem to be the only one to notice but I just cannot look anywhere else. The new one I looked at today had some protective paper, I am rather sure I got a model that was on display for some time. Too bad the customer service is not helpful where I bought it (department store).
    But due to the stain I now do not hesitate to carry it everywhere since it already is not in perfect condition anymore :cool:.
  5. Don’t own the amberley but wanted to say it looks fabulous on you!
  6. Thanks!
    I briefly browsed your threads, you have quite the collection and beautiful look, so a compliment from you counts double!
  7. I love how they have started to use the old styled brass instead of that shiny gold. This will just get more and more patina as it ages. I have a more than 10 year old Barnaby that’s gotten a lovely patina
    I can’t see the spot
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  8. Awww. Blush....
  9. It's not the old style brass. It's quite different - much brighter. I'm not a fan though I love the style.
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  10. I'm sorry there were things to get in the way of your joy HoneyLocks. Just wanted to say how much I like the bag and colour on you and hope that, that stain lessens over time.
  11. Oh I’m sorry - i didn’t look closely enough then - I still think the bag suits Honeylocks very well I was hoping for the old style brass I guess
  12. Thanks for your nice words. I like the bag, I just will get my next Mulberry at a different store or online. Bad customer service leaves a bad aftertaste.
    And what is not perfect at least gets worn more and this is what these things are made for!
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