My first Mulberry snaked it´s way

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  1. She's beautiful. Love the rose gold. Congrats!! :biggrin:
  2. What a beauty!! Enjoy using (and admiring) her
  3. Thank you!

    Thank you! The scales make the bag really different ;)

    Thank you :smile:

  4. Thank you! I love the rose gold too.

    Thanks, I will ;)
  5. Oooh! - very classy indeed - I am generally a Vintage gal but I can see the appeal in this gorgeous little beauty!!!!:biggrin:
  6. Congrats on your first Mulberry!!! She's a lovely one!!
  7. I agree! She's such a beauty, a really special bag!

    Congrats :love: what a great first bag!!!!
  8. Thank you :smile:


    Thank you, I´m so happy to have gotten this bag!
  9. Welcome to the Mulberry club, you'll be hooked now!! Beautiful bag and stunning hardware.
  10. Stunning bag, congrats! Enjoy her :smile:
  11. Thank you!!! :p

    Thanks, I will ;)
  12. I love this bag......congrats
  13. Your bag is just sooooo gorgeous I have been hunted for one & finely managed to find one today. They are posting it off tomorrow so I am counting down the days

    I didn't go for it initially as I was sucked in by the bigger discounts of other bags. In the end I realized you have to follow your heart. What’s the point of spending a little less money for a better deal that you like when there is something really special you desperately want for a little more.

    The only thing that bothers me is the colour. I have only seen the bag on the website and your pics and it looks quite a light colour, not much different than marshmallow white or winter white. That’s what I am hoping anyway, I really wanted a light bag and I hope when it arrives it’s no different to that. Is it an off white?
  14. Congrats! It looks gorgeous!