My First Mulberry: Small Bayswater..But it's defective!!


Dec 21, 2010
Hi Ladies!
I just bought my first Mulberry, Small Bayswater Powder Beige and was really looking forward to receive this bag from La Garconne.

After waiting for 8 days for shipment to arrive, I finally got to see it IRL..but the bag looks crooked!!

The front top handle is attached crooked and also the bottom of the bag is uneven..the whole thing appears to be crooked!

Here are the photos I took to show this problem. I contacted La Garconne within 4 days of receipt and requested a RA# in order for me to return this bag to them.

However, they haven't replied yet. Looking at these photos, what do you think about this bag? Am I being too picky to point out the problem of the bag?


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Sep 12, 2008
Hi, sorry for your disappointment - I can see what you mean, but have you taken out all the stuffing & gently pull/straighten the shape, and pull out the strap etc etc?? In the transit it may become uneven shaped at the first glance?

On the other hand if it is really down to construction problem you should get exchange! The leather is really lovely though...

Good luck :smile:


Jan 1, 2010
I can see what you mean alright. I wonder was it causedby it getting a bit squished in transit though. Come back & let us know how it looks when you've taken the stuffing out & have put your own things in.
That said - I have seen Bayswaters & E/W Bays where the flaps don't always look perfect or lie flat enough (to my eye anyway). It's one of the things that has stopped me buying.
I agree with the others on the leather - very even graining across the bag - perfect leather.


Dec 21, 2010
Hi ratrat! I've taken out the stuffing and tried to straighten the front handle.
But it still looks the same as the photos =(
Unfortunately, the bag is sold out at La Garconne that I can't get exchange..
Yes, you are right about the's lovely and awesome :smile:
Thank you so much for your suggestion =D
I greatly appreciate it!


Dec 21, 2010
Hi maplecottage! I do love this grainy textured leather too :P Thank you so much for your comments =D

Hi lola73! When I put my own things inside, the bottom of the bag looks a little better..maybe not so uneven. But as you mentioned, the flap doesn't lie flat enough and the handle is still crooked. you are really knowledgeable to indicate the point =D

I love the style, color, size and the leather of this bag..Thank you so much for sharing your opinions! I really appreciate it ;)


Jul 13, 2010
I can see exactly what you mean and I would be the same as you. If it's not perfect I would return it even if they have no more in, you will get one eventually.

If it doesn't flatten out after you use her you will always be regretting it and that will spoil it for you and maybe stop you using it.

For the money Mulberry charge I think they should be in perfect condition unless sold as a sub.

Good luck and let us know what happens.;)


Dec 21, 2010
Hi Tarababe! It's good to know you also share the idea that a premium designer handbag such as Mulberry should be in a top condition :P
For the price we pay, we don't have to just accept less than perfect items =(
Thank you so much for your support! I greatly appreciate it :smile:

Otherwise this bag is really adorable and I wanted to share some more pictures :lol:


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Oct 23, 2010
I agree that the leather looks great but that the bag looks lopsided. I hope you can return it and get a perfect one. It would annoy me too.

BTW, are you the seller craigslist? I notice the name on the first post on this thread above the photos.


Dec 28, 2010
Beautiful bag!! I can see what you mean about it being lopsided though. If you are not totally happy with it, you should send it back, it is way too much money for you to feel that you have to compromise.


lab rat
Jan 7, 2011
It is such a gorgeous bag too. I do wonder if its down to packaging and storage. When I bought my oak bays in store last month I had to look at 5 before I decided on one. Most of them looked squished. I think once they're used the leather becomes more supple and the bag softens out. I agree your handles do look crooked. Not what you expect for the money. Good luck finding another one!


Dec 21, 2010
Hi LadyBo! I hope the store will respond to my return request and issue a RA# soon :smile: Yes, I am a craigslist seller..I sell designer brand clothing, handbags and vacation rentals I own =D Thank you so much for your comments!

Hi hipcity99! Thank you so much for your kind words :biggrin: I really appreciate it!

Hi MMoos! I'm still waiting for a response from the store in order for me to send it back ;) Thank you so much for your suggestions!

Hi Armcandy3! You have a wonderful variety of Mulberry bags! What do you think about the quality of Mulberry bags in general compared to Bal or Chloe? Thank you so much for sharing your opinions =D I greatly appreciate it :biggrin:

Hi maplecottage! Yes, I am planning to return it to La Garconne. The customer service indicates that they will accept returns/exchanges on any items (except final sale) which are in the original condition, if you contact the store within 7 days of receiving the order. Thank you again for your comments ;)
Sep 1, 2008
I agree with the other comments, the leather looks gorgeous but the bag does look crooked.
If the site you bought the bag from has sold out - have you thought about contacting Mulberry - maybe the US store, has one you could swap this one for?