My first Mulberry reveal: Somebody did a little shopping!

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  1. Anyone up for a reveal?? :graucho: :biggrin:

    I'll give you a little clue already:

  2. I'm here! :smile:
  3. Go for it!
  4. yes please!
  5. A sneak peak:

  6. And more:

  7. more more more
  8. In a second :biggrin: I'm scaling the rest of the pics just now ;)
  9. Is a lily?
  10. Aaaand last clue:

  11. :graucho: :P
  12. Oooh lovely Little Lily.....:heart:
  13. Is it the black forest lily with the tassels??! :woot:
  14. Mmmh! Here she is my new baby :love:

    I got all exited taking pictures with my bf's reflex camera so there will be a lot :biggrin:

    DSC_6542.jpg DSC_6538.JPG
  15. No, but that's a beauty too - maybe next time :lol: