my first mulberry reveal!!! and a few questions

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  1. i posted here just a week or so ago about considering a mulberry for my 29th birthday. i had fallen in love with the leopard oversized alexa before realizing it was no longer available.

    well lo and behold, just 2 days before my birthday, it popped up on ebay!

    i was going to try to do a guessing game, but i figured any glimpse of the leather would give away what it was. so i'll get right to the point- my very 1st mulberry bag!!!!! :yahoo: sorry about the photo quality- these are cell phone pics i just took in my office when the bag arrived. i'll take more when i've properly styled it in an outfit this weekend.


    close-ups of the hardware- everything look okay? i put the ebay auction in the authentication forum and it seemed like a go, but i figured i'd take a couple more close-ups to be sure. the tag on the handle is in case i want to return to the ebay seller.


    so my question is- should i stop by the mulberry store and pick up the products they sell for protecting the bag? also, it's raining today- can i carry it outside without worrying? i have an umbrella of course, but just want to know how careful i should be with it.
  2. Beautiful, courty! Congratulations! I am no expert but it looks good to me. maybe post a couple more pics on the authenticate thread if you want to get it checked again.

    It is a lovely colourway and it will look great with anything. I hope that you enjoy using it. Happy Birthday! xx
  3. Congratulations! A great bag! And happy birthday:biggrin:!
  4. Oh and forgot to mention that would love to see pics of it one you. I think it is the oversize bag? Bet it looks great on xx
  5. thanks guys! i'm really excited about it- the print makes it so different from my other bags.

    and yes, it is OS. i'm 5'8 so it looks normal with my proportions (well, i hope it does!).
  6. Congrats both on your lovely new treasure and your birthday! What a present :woohoo:! It's gorgeous....
  7. Beautiful!!
  8. Lovely one! Congrats!!
  9. Stil one of the best Alexa colours made imo!! Congratulations on finding one and Happy Birthday :biggrin:
  10. Gorgeous bag - congrats! Can't see anything wrong with it, but for a proper autentication I'd need to see interior label/stamp, serial "made in"-tag and magnetic fastener, please.
  11. thanks! i will try to take some later.. but i'm thinking it's authentic, since the fastener tag and 'made in' part were pictured in the ebay auction (which i put in the 'authenticate this' thread).

    but once i'm home and have my good camera i'll take some more anyway!
  12. What a gorgeous present to yourself. Happy birthday
  13. And what a good start to the weekend! I bet you won't take it off for the next 48hrs..... Xx
  14. Very, very jealous! :greengrin:

    :woohoo: Congratulations! :woohoo:
  15. THAT was your first Mulberry? I think that'll be hard to top..
    What a beauty.

    Congratulations! And happy happy. (which I think it already is.. :biggrin:)