my first mulberry is here....

  1. fedex just delivered my black mulberry rosemary.....:love:
    i will post pic soon
  2. ahhhh Rosemary's are cute, can't wait to see your pics :biggrin:
  3. Yay, congratulations! I love pictures, cant wait to see :heart:
  4. here it is.....
    it is perfect. not too big, not too small.
    however, can anybody help me with collonil spray thing. i posted a question but noone answered. how to spray it exactly, and what color should i get, netural or black?
  5. What a pretty mulberry - congratulations! Well, thought I'd check out your post like you did mine about protecting our mulberry one helped on my post:cry: maybe yours:biggrin: *crossing fingers*
  6. nice bag..
  7. Gorgeous! I have one in chocolate. It's the best! I love mine to death. Congrats.
  8. Oh that is sooo pretty! Congrats!
  9. Oooh I love it. I am so jealous. I really would like to have it in that mauve shade though. Is it too heavy? And what about getting in and out of it? Do the buckles make it difficult?
    Congrats. BTW, where did you buy it from?
  10. Love the bag ... congrats and enjoy! I have the oak roxanne and use it to death!

    ^lexie2000 - The buckles are for decorative purposes, it actually has magnetic closures so getting in and out of the bag is a breeze.
  11. it really is not heavy. i can also use it as shoulder bag.
    you should get it and share some photos with us.:biggrin:
  12. Oh NOOOOOO, now you have to bait me huh? LOLOL
    You must be able to tell how easily persuaded I am already.
    Ok...where did you buy it? Is there any deals anywhere?
  13. it's gorgeous!!!:biggrin:
  14. Congrats! I have an oak Rosemary. I LOVE it. It is such a great everyday bag. I sprayed my bag with Collonil spray. I followed the directions on the bottle. My bag darkened after I sprayed it. I got nervous. When it dried it returned to it's original color. I wasn't aware the spray came in colors. I guess I have neutral. I highly recommend spraying the bag.
  15. well.. i got mine from Saks website. they only had the black ones on sale. i dont think muberry. com ahs the oeak one on sale either.:sad: