My first Mulberry (ink Alexa) is finally here!

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  1. Finally! I feel like I have waited an eternity for this bag. First I had to wait an agonizing 2 weeks for payday, and then she took an entire week in shipping.

    I was unable to see an Alexa IRL prior to ordering, so I have been so nervous regarding the quality, size, color, etc. Well, I am so THRILLED! My Alexa is absolutely gorgeous. The ink is a nice, rich blue that will go with practically everything. The size is perfect (regular). It holds everything I need and more. And the leather is sooo soft and smushy with a nice regular grain. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    Without further ado, here is my lovely!

  2. Here are some photos with the paper stuffing still inside:


  3. What a gorgeous bag:biggrin:
  4. Looking good! Great colour. Bet you were so pleased to open that box!
  5. Here is a modelling photo with the alexa empty. For reference, I am 5'9 (176cm) and 160lbs.


    Modeling pics with Alexa full:


  6. Thanks mamab and lola! I couldn't be happier with it.
  7. Photo with all my stuff inside (wallet, cell phone, small MJ pouch, pouch with diapers and wipes, toys, baby bottle):


  8. It looks fab on you!! The colour looks amazing and rich. Well done!! xx
  9. Great modelling shots.
    Alexa holds comfortably more than you would think as well. Lovely!
  10. Congratulations! Your Alexa looks great. Such a lovely rich blue and the leather looks superb. Enjoy!
  11. Its gorgeous, congratulations!
  12. Thanks everyone! I can't wait to take her out. I keep petting her, lol.
  13. That is the coolest baby bag ever ;)!!!!!

    Congratulations, it looks amazing on you - it was worth the wait for sure!!! :biggrin:
  14. gorgeous!!! congrats!!!
  15. Congratulations someday, you look great with her!