My First Mulberry Handbag!

  1. Thank you so much - I love using her at work and I can still smell the leather, which always brings a smile to my face :love:

    Ooh, I look forward to your reveal! Lots of Collonil, that's what you need :smile:
  2. Thank you, Mulberrymum! I don't think I'll ever fall out of love with this little beauty! :cloud9:

  3. Hi Cupcake2008, the cookie bays is back on sale!!!:biggrin: in your opinion is this a very large bag. now that my taylor has arrived, i am thinking of swapping the taylor with the cookie bays :smile: looking at the dimensions online, those two bags are of the same dimensions....but i do wish the cookie has a long strap. there was the smaller one, but its sold out :sad:
  4. True beauty
  5. Wow cupcake, the bag looks divine on you! Love your dress sense too!
  6. :woohoo:It’s back!

    I’m only 4’11” (approximately 150cm) and when I took her out of the box and tried her, I did think she may be too big for me but then I put my heels back on and she was fine. Also, I thought that I may find her uncomfortable to wear over the shoulder but again, she’s fine (mighty fine, I must add!) :smile: Though, if I was wearing a coat, it may be a bit tight.

    I don’t think she’s very large at all, especially for work. I’ve only used her for work but I have seen lots of other ladies using them out and about and shopping and that suits them well too. My worry would be that after a day out, that the bays would be too heavy and others have commented on that here as well.

    I am biased but I would definitely recommend the cookie bays, it’s such a beautiful twist on a classic from Mulberry :love: I’m not a fan of oak generally (though the more I see it about, the more it’s growing on me!), but the cookie oak is a little darker and brighter than the standard oak and I prefer that and the colour suits the cookie style so well.

    There were a few oak cookie SBS’s on eBay, at a reasonable price, but I’m not sure if they’re still there anymore.

    Good luck and let me know what you decide. I can take more pictures if it'll help?
  7. Thank you, Premmis - I still love using her every day for work :love:

    She is beautiful!! And thank you so much for your kind words :hugs:
  8. Your cookie Bays is so lovely!! My poor Oak hardly gets used although I should so she can get some patina. I like the darker colour of the cookie Bays. She is stunning and you model her so well.

    I would love if you took more modelling pics :smile: I just love looking at pics of Bays and you are so stylish!!

  9. :lolots:Well, flattery definitely works! I will take more pictures after work maybe :smile:

    The regular oak is definitely growing on me and I see oak bays a lot more than any other colour. Oak is such a versatile colour and goes with everything. If I had your collection, I'd find it hard to choose which of the beauties to use! :love:
  10. Cupcake2008 I love your bag but as I have it too I might be slightly biased ;). It looks so pretty on you and I love the heals too :biggrin:.

    I do worry about the cookie getting soft and floppy after a while. Do you have a bag insert or organiser inside it to keep its shape?

    Does anyone else who has experience with that?

  11. what a gorgeous looking bag(and box!)am quite jealous:smile: x
  12. Gorgeous, love the box too! Easy to become addicted :0)
  13. Thank you so much for your kind words, Phileine! Mine was already a little floppy when I got it, especially right in the centre of the bag where it seems to cave in a bit but she's beautiful anyway.

    I prefer my bags a bit structured and was concerned about lopsided creases and as a temporary measure, I've put a clipboard inside :biggrin: It seems to make her stand up a little better. I use a Tintamar VIP bag organiser but am looking for one that's more boxy to help cookie hold her shape better. Also , I've read that some ladies cut out a thick piece of card to put at the bottom of the bays so that the base doesn't sag. You can also buy made-to-measure base shapers on eBay.

    Let me what you try and how it works for you!
  14. Thank you so much :biggrin: Love her so much, I'm not sure if my other work bags are going to get a look in for a while!
  15. So I wasn't too keen on the slight sagging that was going on with cookie bays bottom ;) There was a thread recently about base liners that can be bought or some ladies cutting out pieces of card and using them in the I tohught I'd have a go and see. I cut out a piece of card - 37cm by 12cm and below are the results. Pictures are a bit rubbish as they were taken at night and I couldn't use the flash with the mirror :smile: But you get the idea :smile:

    Without the card base:

    Base 1.jpg

    With the card base:

    Base 2.jpg