My first Mulberry ever ...

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  1. To be honest, Mulberry was never on my list of bags that I adore .... but some weeks ago (I can´t remember what I was searching for on google) I came across the lovely Small Zipped Bayswater in this lovely color Rosewater. You must know, I love this nude / rosé shade of color on bags - almost all of my bags have this kind of color ; - )))
    And as I have the most lovely husband on earth, I got it on my birthday on Monday !!! O.k. I had to order it myself via mytheresa - but that was kind of really so exciting for me ..... here it is, I think it has the perfect size, shape, color and leather you could imagine for a daily used bag ; - ))) I am totally in love and will now definitely have Mulberry on my list for futher bags to come !!!


  2. Lovely bag - the colour is beautiful
    Hope you had a great birthday
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  3. Great choice, it’s a lovely style! Congrats on your purchase and birthday!
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  4. Love the rosewater color! It's beautiful, congrats!
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  5. Thanks everybody, I had a really great birthday und since then I enjoy every minute wearing my new bag ; - ))) It is sooo spacy, even it doesn´t look oversized - that´s perfect ... I normally wear a lot of dresses and it is so nice in combination !!!
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