My first mulberry dream come true!

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  1. Hi mulberry lovers,
    just want to share my happiness at becoming a mulberry owner!
    i have been lusting after the iconic bag for a year or so.. walked into the mulberry shop at hilton singapore and saw how beautifully simple and classic it is.. never went as far as to buy it tho, since i've never spent more than S$200 on a bag.. paying S$1699 was quite a stretch! but i grew to appreciate genuine leather and workmanship.. and wish someday i will own a bag that will last me years ...:smile:
    And yesterday, a big white box arrived home from UPS.. my hubby asked me to open the box... and after removing the wrappers i saw a dark paperbag with the mulberry tree icon!! oh my!!
    IT'S THE BAYSWATER! IN OAK!! i love it to bits.:yahoo: i never expected such a wonderful gift... :cloud9::heart::cloud9:

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  2. congratulations, enjoy!
  3. Congrats Jules! What a lovely husband u have :tup: and of course...a gorgeous bag too.
  4. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful gift and what a thoughtful husband you have, you'll soon be a Mulberry junkie :smile:
  5. A classic icon! Congratulations on your beautiful Bays!
  6. How lovely Jules, I'm so excited for you, I'm sure you'll simply love and cherish your new Bays for many many years to come and no doubt it won't be the last, you'll just catch the Mulberry bug like the rest of us !
  7. Thank you so much..:kiss:
    do any of u know if i shd get the Collonil waterstop spray to care for the leather?
    i seem to get some mixed reviews abt the spray.. i don't mind aged leather cuz i think it ages beautifully but dont fancy those water stains. Any experiences on this?
  8. Congratulations on joining the Mulberry gang!
    What a lovely bag and what a lovely husband you have!
  9. Oh I cannot see pics!!:sad:
  10. Congratulations, she is a real beauty! :yahoo: you must be so happy! And what a fantastic husband for buying it, that makes the story even sweeter! :love:

    Now that you have 1, you will be very quickly tempted to get number 2, 3, 4.... and the list goes on! :graucho:
  11. A classic...congrats!
  12. Ohhh its beautiful!! :love: Congratulations, what a lovely husband! You should definitely use the Colonill waterstop spray to help protect her from rain spots, give her a couple of light coatings and don't hold the can too close! Then give her a nice buff up with the dust bag when the spray is dry and she will be ready to go!
  13. Congratulations! What a beautiful classic bag and what a kind and thoughtful husband. The bag will forever hold fond sentimental memories for you. I hope you have a wonderful time taking her out and about! xx
  14. What a lovely surprise and a beautiful bays. Congrats. I second what Miss Mabel has said about the collonil (although I am too impatient and spray my bags very liberally!)
  15. Gorgeous!! Congrats!!!