My first Mulberry Bayswater -- come see!

  1. :yahoo:I am so excited :yahoo:Love the PINK/ROSE, he he :p

    One thing tho, since I got it from eBay, I hope it's authentic... However, if it is authentic, I am also scared to death -- this might become my next addiction! :sweatdrop:
    rose_022.jpg rose_019.jpg rose_005.jpg rose_008.jpg rose_013.jpg
  2. A couple more. The tag says made in England inside. There is a *sub* sticker on the paper tag, it's seconds, right?
    rose_011.jpg rose_021.jpg
  3. Lovely! I got an oak Bayswater from net-a-porter on Wednesday. They're lovely bags, aren't they!? Good luck staying away...
  4. That bag is gorgeous. Congratulations!
  5. Nice! Is it heavy? Can you wear it over your shoulders?
  6. Not as heavy as I've expected. And it fits nicely on the shoulders. The leather is TDF! Soft and supply.
  7. I'd love to see it on your shoulder - I'm contemplating one in black. Very pretty in pink though!
  8. love the color, congrats!!
  9. Congrats. It is a beautiful color.
  10. Love the color! congrats!!
  11. Beautiful bag and lovely colour, congratulations! :yes:
  12. OMG the pink is lovely! Congrats!
  13. Congrats! I just got a Bayswater in Oak and I'm in love :heart:!!
    It's the first time I see it in pink and it's really beautiful!
  14. Really love your Bayswater. And she seems to be an authentic one. Congratulations.
  15. omg!i love this bag!!!!