my first mulberry bag

  1. hi all
    i have always looked at the mulberry bags in my local department store always debating whether to buy one. last summer the emmys went on sale and i remember a lemon emmy reduced to £250, i nearly bouaght it but because money was tight i did not.
    i regreted it for months, then after looking around i have found this beautiful lemon emmy, i paid £170 for it which was a complete bargin:heart:.

    this wont be the last mulberry i will buy! im usually a chloe babe so this has made a refreshing change.:heart:

    here are loadsa pics!!!:tup:
  2. P1010024.JPG




  3. a few more!!!





  4. P1010020.JPG




    and finally some more, i will be posting on authenticity part of forum to as i am so scared of buying a fake even though im 99.9% sure its authentic, the bag is such a more lemon colour IRL!
  5. Looks lovely!
  6. love the colour.Enjoy your first mulberry
  7. The bag looks good to me. The things I normally check for on Emmies are the leather tag on the top zipper and inner pocket. It should have an M shape stitched on it. Sometimes the two-tone or older Emmies don't have this but the newer ones seem to. Your Emmy has this so it looks good to me.

    However, I'm sure someone with a better eye will be along soon to authenticate on the main thread.

    It's a lovely bag, though. And a great bargain as the cheapest they went for online was £267 :tup:
  8. What a beautiful colour, so yummy and summery. It will go with so many other colours because it's pastel and neutral. Total bargain indeed for £170, well done. Hope you'll be hooked like all of us here. :roflmfao:
  9. Lovely bag, well done on finding such a great bargain!