My first Mui Mui reveal!!

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  1. Omg I’m in love!’ Originally I was going to get another Chanel in this colour but loooed st cheaper options and ended up getting this for a fraction of the price!! I also got 10% off at my Theresa for it being my first purchase I love it so much!!


    A question - how do the wrinkles hold up as I’ve seen lots of second hand Matelasse bags that look awful and wrinkly so I’m worried this is going to end up looking not so great?
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  2. Congrats on your first Miu Miu! Bought a very similar Miu Miu bag today (also my first one) in black and I love it!
    Does yours have a single or double zipper?
    Also like to know how the wrinkles will hold up over time. ;)
  3. Lovely color! Congrats!
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  4. Thank you! Mine is a double zipper, the wrinkles are holding up fine at the moment and I wear it quite a lot.

    I try and store it upright too and am very careful with it when I go out! I love the black on I’m contemplating that one too!!!!

    Post pics!