My First MP

  1. :heart: A gift to myself for losing 22 pounds. I found it at the San francisco Nordstrom rack today by accident, I went in to look at jeans and found a MP color denim for $349.!
    I love it. Its almost the same blue as my eyes. I always thought when I got a MP it would have to be black but this color is so great. Truman says that for the cost of this bag he could have had many many sheep herding(his favorite thing to do)sessions instead.

  2. Wow Congratulations.
  3. gorgeous!!! It's a beautiful color for summer too...congratulations!
  4. First off, congrats on your recent weight loss!! You definitely deserved a reward! :yes:

    Beautiful MP!! Love, love, love the denim color!
  5. Congrats to you, both for losing that weight and for getting a new fabulous bag!! Enjoy!!
  6. that's a pretty color and you got a deal! congrats! :yahoo:
  7. congrats great color! i :heart: LOVE your dog. way too cute
  8. awesome bag! Congrats on your weight loss as well.
  9. congrats on the weight loss- and thats a beautiful color :smile:)
  10. You deserve it! It's such a lovely color!
  11. That's very pretty!! Congrats for the bag and enjoy it! What a great way to reward yourself ;).
  12. congrats and your doggie is soooooooo cute!!
  13. I love your bag and your dog!! Congrats!
  14. The MP is adorable! Your eyes must be very pretty as well - and what a sweet little guy!
  15. Congratulations on the bag...what a great treat for working so hard on losing all that weight!