My first monograms..


Feb 22, 2006
As I mentioned before. I've been collecting all LVs without any monograms because I just couldn't feel for them. Then yesterday after lounging at the store I just made my first monogram purchase.

(1) Multipli-cite --the ultimate big carry-all I had to give an excuse for this bag so I got it as an early (perhapd very early) mother's day gift for myself. Am I a mom you ask? Well... I'm a doggy mom and I put this bag to the test yesterday.

So far, this bag can hold my wallet, agenda, cell-phone, key wallet, a PDA, a water bottle, a dog leash, a dog harness, a tennis ball, a half roll of paper towels, a fold up water bowl, treat bag, a clicker trainer, a small frizbee, 2 plastic bags, a small towel. and still had room for more.

I orginally purchased the manhattan GM. Although it was gorgeous I had to return it because it was so uncomfortable for me and the bag itself was too heavy I got bruise marks on my arms....

(2) My second bag is the Hudson PM, which I never thought was cute until yesterday. I seriously contemplated between getting this one or the green denim bag... but just went with this one because I thought I could put it to LONGER use.

Like Noriko mentioned, ever sincce I got my kelly bag, I thought I wouldn't shop at LV anymore... but good ol' LV couldn't resist.

Here are some pictures and some of my other LV bags. Hope you guys like them.

I really need to get them all out and take a portrait of my collection one day....


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I understand completely with the no-monogram rule (or former rule). But recently I've had a change of heart and actually browsed a few monogram items (sonatine, marelle, and the HUDSON!) That's the best combination between a manhattan PM/GM and a shoulder bag! Congrats!