My First Monogram piece/Getting snobbed

  1. I originally wanted to get a speedy, but everyone around me was saying how many other people were carrying it on the streets and how like you can't really tell fake from real anymore, which is why I went for this instead...

    I love it and have worn it three times already in the last two days that I got it!:Push: IT's so versatile, you wear it as a pouch or use as a clutch. And the SA taught me too that if I put the strap in the way I've done in the picture, I can hang it off my shoulder as well...KEiKo was one of the best SA I've ever met in LV!!!

    Anyways, I was at dinner this week right and this girl comes in with a funny looking mono speedy:huh: . At first I thought it looked extremely saggy and was sorta staring at it whilst she was sitting down at the table in front of me. She glared haughtilly as if to say, "So what, I have it and you don't!" :shame: And then her friend walks in with a vintage speedy (mono speedy 30 with gorgeous patina) and ooops I knew straightaway that the snob's bag was fake, cause its handles were at least half an inch too long!!!! no wonder it looked saggy!

    So disgusted with her...hmmmph... I mean, don't flaunt it if it's fake you know???:graucho:

    one more reason why I'd never get a fake...oooh, I love my new LV:love: !
    Pochette Marelle.JPG Pochette Marelle full frontal.JPG
  2. aww i love it!!
  3. it's so pretty!
  4. It is so beautiful, congrats!
  5. is it easy to get in and out of?
  6. looks so chic!
  8. great purchase...congratulations!
  9. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! it's so cute and you don't see it around too often!:love: :love: I remembered trying it on in the boutique a while ago but didn't get it b/c of the buckles. Do you leave the buckles tied or untied (for easy access)? You should model for us how it look when it's being carried off your shoulder :yes: Anyway, congrats again!! :love:
  10. Very pretty!
  11. So cute! How much does it fit?
  12. Very nice bag!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  13. gorgeous bag!

    the straps can be removed from the bag right? so you can also use it as a clutch?

    much more versatile than the speedy i feel. as you can carry this out at night and its so classy! not that the speedy is not classy .. its just more casual.
  14. Congrats.
  15. Great piece! Congrats