My First MK Signature Purse - Hamilton Large or Cynthia Large??

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  1. I have been saving up for my 1st MK signature purse :biggrin:

    Hamilton Large or Cynthia Large?

    They are both the same price and I like them both...I tried them on at the store few times, but I still cannot make up my mind.

    Please help! :P

    Thank you so much!
  2. I have the Cynthia and I love it I have it in the medium mandarin. It's very versatile the straps for me is pretty long I can wear it handheld, crook of my arm, crossbody, and on my shoulder. I had 2 Hamiltons regift one and returned the other but my Cynthia is staying with me. Good luck deciding. :smile:
  3. The Cynthia seems to be a more practical size. When I get in and out of my vehicle, I always have to be careful as to not bump my Hamilton. The Cynthia is my next choice.

    Either one you choose, I would get the saffiano leather.
  4. Agree ...
  5. thank you for all the suggestions! i really appreciate them :smile:

    i love the shape of cynthia, but i love the rolled handles of the hamilton...

    i am not a fan of flat handles on any satchels, i think satchels should have rolled handles ;P

    i wish MK can make a mix baby of these two :lol:
  6. Have you looked at the Sutton, aka Dressy? It is shaped similar to the Cynthia and has rolled handles.