My First Mj!

  1. First off, I have to thank everyone on the forum for the tons of amazing info I've learned on authentics, fakes, not to mention sales. :yes: Anyway, I've been eyeing the Blake and Sophia... Found out there was an Off 5th near my office and went today at lunch (with my handy dandy 30% coupon, link courtesy of tPF!). There in the flesh were a maroon Venetia and Sophia (as well as others but I only had eyes for them). Spent my ENTIRE LUNCH hour (plus) obsessing over which to choose. I was leaning toward the Sophia because I'm definitely a shoulder bag gal, but, but...
    the Venetia was just so, special. And the color is so beautiful! Way more purple-y than maroon-y red and I just heart it. Soooo: $529.99 - 30% + 25.97 tax (feh) = 396.96. What think? I'm nervous about the non-shoulder part of it but please tell me I'll get used to it and love it for the beauty it is...

    Oh, and should I scotchguard it? I don't want it to become one of those things I love so much I'm afraid to use it.
  2. Gorgeous and great price!! I'm so jealous -- I am seriously lusting for a Venetia at the moment!! Congrats and can't wait to see pics of you sporting it!
  3. The Venetia certainly has something special about it! I'll be excited to see your pictures. Phenominal score, btw!
  4. Congrats on your new purchase. Post pics.
  5. post pictures!! excitement!
  6. That's awesome!! I'm thrilled for you.:yahoo: Maroon sounds like a pretty color! And yes, post pics if you can.:yes:
  7. Congratulations on a beautiful bag! :girlsigh:
  8. Superfriday, congrats on your purchase :yahoo:. I think you got a very good deal! Do you know what's the name of the color? I can't wait to see the pictures! I just got a venetia myself and I agree, it's a very special bag. I'm glad you got it! Maybe you next lunch hour you can go hunting for a sophia :nuts:
  9. Love the Maroon bags! It's a great color that goes with mostly everything. And it's a great deal...
  10. Maroon. Duh!:Push: Weird, cause last night I was bidding for a maroon Sophia but I didn't get it :crybaby:. Agree with thithi, it's a very lovely color, especially winter is just around the corner.
  11. Agree w/ above, and Venetia is a lovely bag. Even though it's handheld, sometimes that's better for your shoulder when you switch it up!
  12. Aiyaiyai, really? Now I'm having issues--I fear all the shiny shiny nickel is too showy for me and am considering going back/exchanging for the Sophia... Here's the thing: my style is classic yet funky (ie classic, awesome bag but in funky color), and I tend to do most of my funkification with bags and shoes. That said, does anyone find the Venetia to be a little too much for them? Or am I just inhaling too much New Bag Smell? Here are pics below--I tried to get up close at the color because it really is a very rich purple, looks more like what I'd call eggplant.

    IMG_4352.jpg IMG_4353_1.jpg
  13. oooh that is beautiful! And what a great deal. Let me tell you if I saw that bag for $400, I would SO snap it up!!

    The Sophia is also a great bag, though. I have one and I love it. I always feel stylish when I carry it. I had a Venetia briefly but I sold it because I found the buckle (fact that you actually have to buckle and unbuckle it to get in and out of the purse) really bothered me. But that is just me! I also can't stand the look of Hermes Birkins when they are unbuckled. The Venetia is a gorgeous bag and I'm sure you will grow to love it.

    That said, if you are still unsure, why don't you go buy the Sophia, take them both home and try them on with outfits/in your own environment. Maybe it will help you decide and then you can take back the one you don't want!:yes:
  14. Superfriday, lay off the bag! :nuts: Your bag is so pretty. I really like the color. It would be a shame if you have to return it. I think the shiny nickle won't be too much a different with sophia as it also has two front pockets. They both are from his classic collections, but I think Sophia has a more casual side compare to Venetia. I guess it all depends with your personal style, but like I said, it would be a shame to let go that gorgeous venetia :love:
  15. I have a Venetia in Maroon, it's the most gorgeous Soft Calf bag. I love it so much! The silver hardware is just perfect for this purple-ish bag, I don't think it's too much at all. Venetia is just a stunning and elegant bag, I definitely choose it over Sophia.

    The price you got is a great deal! I paid more than that for a gently used one. In terms of re-sell value, Venetia goes for more than Sophia for sure.