My first MJ!!!

  1. these past few weeks i have been very lucky, buying my first chanel sunnies, my loot from coach, lol lesportsac, starting to build a bag collection to add to my lone burberrys. now i have added a MJ BAG! i was looking at that stam with the kisslock that looks like a bigger version of a coin purse, but when i tried it on the handles were too long. i like the handles longer then satchel type so i can put my arm down comfortably but it was too low, and its not like it can be worn cross body, so i passed, especially since i plan on a mulberry:love: by the end of july/august. i bought this tote almost for next to nothing because of the bloomies private sales, well next to nothing considering its a mj, but i can check the price tomorrow. problem is that it is damaged, so like the chanel sunnies i have to order a new pair, wait for it to come in, and then return the damaged ones for the retail price. but that doesnt mean i can start taking pictures LOL :biggrin:
  2. so here it is! the first mj for aarti:
    wrap.jpg box.jpg mj gold tote 5.jpg on dressser.jpg
  3. its 1 lol so the lighting isnt good, so sorry about that! its a dusty gold.
  4. Congrats!! It's beautiful :love: What's the damage on it? I hate when I notice things after I buy them.. it's like ARGH why didn't I see this before?? LOL!
  5. Beautiful bag. Congrats!
  6. theres a couple of scratches, its a floor model, last one they had, so im going to order another new one and swap it in once the SA isn't do i have a story to tell you guys about crazyyyyyyy put it this way, thats why my family SA has been with us for a long time whereas she has basically no clientelle..
  7. its more like little nicks, thats going to happen to me anyway lol but half the fun is doing it yourself right?
  8. What is the name of this bag?
  9. congrats on the new bag... enjoy it!!!!
  10. yay, so you did decide on getting that bag! it's beautiful, I'm glad you got it. welcome to the MJ family!
  11. Aarti, congrats on your first MJ! =)
    Hope you will be able to get a perfect one soon. =)
  12. not sure of the name but it is one of the very adorableeeee marc by marc jacobs bags! :smile:
  13. aww thanks girls!! the looking! the color is bronzed but i have no clue on what its called! can anyone help out on this? i figure if it goes out of style, i didnt have to pay much, and in the meantime it looks fun! can fill it up with a notebook, umbrella, agenda, mini skinny, im so use to small bags i think i need to go shopping to put more stuff in... :biggrin:
  14. hmm the only one on the site that looks like it is the Fran? anyone have that/seen it or love it/hate it? but i have it in bronze and on the site it is blue and white. maybe i can order those colors? i like the gold because im olive, you can see a tiny bit of me with the pict on my dresser, but the starry silver looks nice or the blue.. what do you prefer?