My first MJ...

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  1. Is a MJ Camila in chocolate... I adore this bag! :heart::heart::heart:

    I've determined to wear it with some not-so-dressy outfits although it is said to be an evening bag:smile: It works out perfectly so far! :wlae::wlae::wlae:

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  2. That looks great on you! I love the color of that bag. Congratulations.
  3. Love this bag--it's gorgeous!! Where did you get it from? Do any of the stores still sell it out there?
  4. ACK so cute especially with the Miss Marc tee!
  5. Looks great. Love it! :tup:
  6. that's a gorgeous bag -- I love the shape & color. It's perfect for the PW leather. I have to ask though -- you can make that work on a daily basis?? I envy you! I would need 3 or 4 of those to carry every day and probably still need more room!!!

    I think as an evening bag or a bag for special events (like weddings, baby showers, parties, funerals, etc) it would be perfect - Like the Baby Stam, it's a little small for every day but perfect for times like that when you don't need (or want) a larger bag.

    Absolutely gorgeous (and I luv your T! where did you get it & how much was it?)
  7. wow, that is really cute on you! i love the chocolate PW as well. congrats on finding a bag you love!!
  8. It looks great on you!
  9. Look at YOU! That bag looks AWESOME on YOU! Love the t-shirt as well. :heart:
  10. Thanks gals... lijia I got the bag from Ron Herman's sale at 50%.. got the information from the sales sighting sticky thread.. thanks to all the TPFers.. :yahoo: I haven't seen it in store anywhere recently.. think there are some on ebay though.

    I got the Miss Marc tee at Bloomingdales's pre private sale last week and they are $25!!!! I love Bloomingdales...... :love::love::love:
  11. It's super cute and looks great on you!
  12. iluv you are right.. This bag is quite small. I usually carry my laptop bag and a small handbag with only wallet, key, cell phone and lipstick... but the bag is so pretty and I have to show it off as often as I can LOL

    Got the t shirt at Bloomingdale's pre sale last weekend.. It was $40 with additional 40% off I couldn't believe I am so lucky... :shame:

  13. Oh, I really like it. Looks so great on you!
  14. I'm glad you got this & posted pics...I've never seen this IRL and this place is the only way we can stay up on stuff!!!! Looks great on you...congrats!!..and welcome to MJ!!!! I bet this won't be your last purchase hehehe!!!!
  15. Congrats on a gorgeous bag! It looks great on you. Love it!!!
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