My first MJ...what a deal!

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  1. I got my first MJ a couple of weeks ago....a chestnut & black patent striped Trish. I think it is from 2006. It was surprise find at a NM outlet. I had an additional coupon that brought the price down to $480!!! :yahoo:Does anyone know how much this was originally when it came out?
  2. WOW! There are going to be MANY envious TPFers!!! Congrats on an AMAZING find!!!
  3. Wow! Awesome deal.
  4. WOW!!! Definitely an amazing find. Congratulations. Please post pictures when you can!
  5. Welcome and Congratulations! That IS a steal! Amazing... just be prepared to be hooked onto MJ now...
  6. wow! that's amazing. lucky you! it came with tags and everything? $480 is a fantastic price considering it orginally retailed for $1350! i can't wait to see pics!
  7. Wow! Can't wait to post pics...that is unbelievably lucky!!
  8. Tried to post a pic but file is too big. Not sure how to make smaller for a successful attach. Yes, it came with a card inside, dustbag and Marc Jacobs hangtag attached. I just got my second MJ at NM during last week's sale. A gray quilted Eugenie clutch. I'm hooked!
  9. Holy crap!! :amazed::amazed: Ok it's time to get on the phone with all the MN LC in the US!! Seriously -- a NWT Trish for <$500??? Thats unbelievable!! OK - PLEASE don't tell me it has Teal Leather lining!??

    The striping bags (the line that the Trish is from) -- has been very popular and the topic of MANY PF conversations lately -- All this time, there may have been Hudsons, Trish's and Bowlers right under our noses and we didn't even realize it!! Some people have paid over $1k for their bag on ebay, while others have paid $800 to buy one from Bag Borrow or Steal --

    How wonderful that you found a new one at NMLC w/o even trying!! I'd love to see pics -- pls figure out how to post them soon!
  10. ^ sigh. isn't that how it always is? you find the best stuff when you're least expecting it. :girlsigh:i for one never stop hoping that there's going to be something amazing when i step in a nr or a nmlc or a Saks off fifth, which means i am destined never to find a deal like this. oh, well. what can you do?
  11. So true for me as well...:sad: Maybe one day...maybe!
  12. OK. Hopefully this link will work. Thanks Beany for the suggestion!

    It is great to know I got such a desired purse! The lining is a neutral beige color with a cell phone pocket. Everything on this purse is heavy duty...leather, hardware, etc.
  13. OMG great deal!!!! How can anyone not love this!?!?! Congrats!!! Such a beauty!!
  14. OMG that is a ridiculously great deal!! Congrats!! What NMLC was this?