My first MJ Stam!

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  1. I have been looking for a replacement for my Balenciaga Le Dix (she has to take a break :wlae: ) and as I went to collect my Silverado, I walked past by MJ's boutique and saw this lovely. I mean, I know she's hot and all, but I've never seen her this was :heart: at first sight:upsidedown: Maybe it's the blue, maybe it's so one of a kind, I was ready to give up 2 months waiting for the Silverado and giving my Bbag a rest for this gorgeous bag. I took her out for the first time today, and I swear she got more attention than my other beauties:yes: .

  2. ExcessBaggage, congrats on your 1st MJ! What color is this Stam?
  3. It's petrol blue. They had only 2 left, one in petrol blue, and one in taupe. I never know what to do with colours other than black and dark grey :shame: .
  4. WOW! Congrats! Petrol & Taupe are both very popular colors for Stam, they are from previous seasons (very hard to find now).

    A lot of members here are looking for Stam in these colors, which MJ boutique is this?

    Harlem_Cutie, are you still searching for Petrol Stam? =)
  5. wow, how did you ever find the petrol stam? i think it's fantastic!
  6. Wow, amazing bag! that is definitely a rare and sought after color. Great find! Prepare for people to be jealous of you! :yahoo:
  7. oh wow!! That color is super rare and surprisingly goes with everything!! Great find.

    bag.lover I carried a stam for a short while and realized it's just not me so I've moved on :sad:. I would like petrol in another style though.
  8. Wow, that is beautiful! What a find!
  9. This was from a MJ boutique? Which one?
  10. :yahoo: Thanks for the compliments! I've been in the Balenciaga and Chloe threads all this while; didn't know what a gem this baby is! I got this bag in MJ's Boutique in Malaysia. Maybe things don't move too fast here :wlae: . Also, Asians tend to gravitate towards Monograms stuff so, LV and Gucci are very very popular here. I'm surprised how much stuff MJ Stam can hold! But it is on the heavier side...

  11. Congrats on your new bag!

    It's an awesome color!
  12. What a beauty! I had been seraching for a petrol stam, (until I found my blush stam :smile: ) you are so lucky to find one, congrats!
  13. It's gorgeous! Congrats
  14. I held one of these IRL and they are just gorgeous. Congrats.