My First MJ Stam

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  1. I'm new to this blog stuff.
    About a month or so ago my boyfriend and I drove to Dallas for some comic book convention...(he's a comic book geek...I'm a purse gurl). Of course he was busy doing his thing and I was busy doing mine.. SHOPPING"! So I drove around and found this Galleria like mall on I35 I think. I walked in and found Macy's and then Nordstroms where I proceeded to buy a really cute D&G handbag (new for fall). From there I strolled around and found Neimans!!!. I bolted for the Handbag Dept...and saw the MJ Stams. I saw some at Nordstroms, but was convinced into buying the D&G. :graucho: I was talking to the SA...I mentioned that I really wanted a MJ Stam...BADLY. I guess she saw my pitiful face and told me to "wait!!..I have something you may want to see". (in a Russian accent). I stood there and waited until she came back with the most beautiful MJ STAM I have ever seen. It was the Camel color and was on SALE!....she sold it to me for a tad bit over $700.00. I was sooooo excited...I bought it!!!!....MY FIRST STAM.....I LOVE IT!!!!:heart::heart::yahoo::heart::heart:
  2. wow, congratulations on your new stam. i want a topaz stam so bad, but am refusing to buy one for a full price. i already have a stam hobo that i paid $800.00 for and i thought that was a good deal, but i could have paid 500$ if i'd waited. i've learned my lesson. i guess instead of waiting for them to go on sale online, i'll start going to the store any chance i get.

    enjoy your stam, i'm sure it'll be the first of many mj bags. i personally think i'm an mj addict, the quality is so exquisite. while i will purchase other bags, mj, fendi, chloe and louis vuitton are my favorites.

    total tally
    mj bags= 1 ( cashew stam hobo)
    fendi= 1 ( black b bag)
    louis vuitton = 1 damier sppedy, 1 red thompson street, 1 damier azur pochette, 1 black epi mabillon
    chloe= chocolate betty tote
  3. Congrats on your stam. Welcome to the MJ family!
  4. I can't wait to see pics, what a deal you got!! Congrats!!
  5. congrats what a good deal!
  6. Pics will be coming soon....I'm new to this blogging... :confused1: I have some other gorgeous handbags that I'll post under the appropriate designer names. I'm starting to be very fond of the MJ bags. I have at least four LV's and I'm still saving to get my first Chanel.:roflmfao:
  7. ohhh, congrats and I can't wait to see it!! I love the Stam too!!
  8. wonderful deal on a stam. looking forward to pictures!
  9. Congrats on a great bag at a great price....I paid full retail for my Stam Hobo and then saw it onsale a few months later :amazed:!
  10. Many congrats!!:yahoo:
  11. That's terrific! I love that you were able to get it on sale. What a nice SA that was! Congrats!! Try to post pics if you can. I'd love to see it. :yes:
  12. Need help...I want to show the pics of my do I post the pics?...I'm lost
  13. I use just upload your pics to photobucket and then copy and paste the IMG code on your message...I am sure there are other ways to post them too.
  14. SO happy for you congratulations! Sorry don't know how to post pics either.
  15. Thanks...I have all night to figure it out....I called in sick from work tonight....I had anal glaucoma...Just couldn't see my @$$ going into work:sick: