My First MJ Stam

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  1. I'm new to this blog stuff. About a month or so ago my boyfriend and I drove to Dallas for some comic book convention...(he's a comic book geek...I'm a purse gurl). Of course he was busy doing his thing and I was busy doing mine...."SHOPPING"!!!!. So I drove around and found this Galleria like mall on I35 I think. I walked in and found Macy's and then Nordstroms where I proceeded to buy a really cute Dolce&Gabana handbag (new for fall). From there I strolled around and found Neimans!!!. I bolted for the Handbag Dept...and saw the MJ Stams. I saw some at Nordstroms, but was convinced into buying the D&G. I was talking to the SA...I mentioned that I really wanted a MJ Stam...BADLY. I guess she saw my pitiful face and told me to "wait!!..I have something you may want to see". (in a Russian accent). I stood there and waited until she came back with the most beautiful STAM I have ever seen. It was the Camel color and was on SALE!....she sold it to me for a tad bit over $700.00. I was sooooo excited...I bought it!!!!....MY FIRST STAM.....I LOVE IT!!!!
  2. Congratulations! Post some pics - would love to see it.
  3. You are a lucky girl!!!:yahoo: The sales lady is really nice to tell you that, cuz usually they are not allow to sell sale bag when the sale is over! Congrats!
  4. wow!!!! That's awesome- congrats!!
    PICTURES PLEASE!!! :smile:
  5. Ooooh luck you!! You should definitely post pics! I think you stumbled into Norrthpark Center, I believe its the only mall in the dfw area that has a Neiman's, not to mention its the biggest mall in Texas
    Glad to hear you had a blast! :}
  6. Congrats, great bag, great deal!!
  7. I see you already posted this in the MJ Forum.
    I'll close this one as we do not allow duplciates and it's better suited for the MJ Forum anyhow.
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