My first MJ soft calf - pics and a question

  1. A couple of hours ago, I bought my first bag from Marc Jacobs soft calf line. :yahoo:

    The bag was bought from a reputable second-hand store in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan. I visited the store yesterday, and the bag was not there at that time. Today, when I entered the store, I instantly saw this beauty. The bag seemed to be brand new, with tags still hanging on it. And the price? It was half of the original price on the original price tag, that is, 73.290 YEN. And since I got a 5.000 YEN discount with a member card, it cost only 68.290 YEN, which is equivalent of 595 USD, or 442 EUR.

    Now, the problem is, I am not sure about the exact model nor colour name. Is it some kind of a smaller version of Blake? Further, is this colour teal or petrol? The tag says C352008, 1SZ Aquamarine. The bag has blue suede lining inside.

    I tried to check the bag for authenticity as far as I could. The details (zippers, RIRI zipper heads, buckles, dust bag, overall feeling of the leather) seemed to be right.

    MJ_softcalf1.JPG MJ_softcalf2.JPG
  2. Beautiful purchase!! This is the Elise style. You got a bargain, Elise is very coveted. Congrats!

    If you want to double check authenticity, you should take more photos, specifically of the riri zipperheads and nameplate and post them in the Auth this sticky at the top of the MJ forum.
  3. Thank you! Good to know the name of this model!

    I will try to take more photos and post them to the authentication thread.
  4. Love it!!! Congrats!!!
  5. I really like your bag! That color is beautiful. :smile: Maybe Elise should be my first?
  6. Thats a beauty.....I love the colour:drool:
  7. That bag is beautiful! LOVE the color. Congrats!!
  8. What a pretty bag! Great buy!
  9. I have attached more pictures of the details of the bag, so that I can link them to the authentication thread.

    I found a tag from the seam of the inside pocket, which says F05 197. So I suppose the bag is from the Fall 05 collection, right?
    MJ_elise_nameplate.JPG MJ_elise_zipperhead1.JPG MJ_elise_zipperhead2.JPG MJ_elise_buckle.JPG MJ_elise_tag.JPG
  10. Love Elise! Gorgeous color!!!
    Take a good care of her:yes:
  11. Thank you, I definitely will! After all, she was such a good catch. ;):yahoo:
  12. really beautiful bag:drool:
  13. Great bag at such a great price! Congrats :smile:
  14. Well done! Truly a savvy shopper. You did well. The bag is gorgeous and at such a good price too! Congrats!