My first MJ, my HG, my bday pressie....TRISH!!!

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  1. So...I've been really lazy since I received her a couple of weeks ago and haven't posted anything!

    My boy and my parents gave me her for my bday. :yahoo: I've wanted a trish for forever! She's in perfect condition. I haven't used her yet as she is a little bigger than what I'm used to carrying. (I'm just waiting for the perfect moment to show her off!)

    So, here she is, the start of my love affair with mj! :nuts:

    IMG_7114 copy.jpg IMG_7110re copy.jpg
    IMG_7120re copy.jpg

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  2. Congrats! Awesome birthday present... :smile:
  3. Wonderful!! I'm so happy that they were able to get you a trish, now that they are hard to find. Congrats! What a great bag to have as your first MJ.
  4. Beautiful! I love that color combo. That is a GREAT first MJ! Congratulations and Happy Belated Birthday!
  5. beautiful trish!!!
  6. Gorgeous! Congrats!
  7. Love your Trish! It's gorgeous :love: Congrats on your first MJ!
  8. So pretty! What a great present. :smile:
  9. Absolutely perfect!
    Congrats and happy belated bday!
  10. what a pretty bag. congrats :smile: enjoy using her
  11. Love the Trish...what an awesome birthday present! Congrats!!!:tup::yahoo:
  12. Happy belated birthday. Fantastic bag! Enjoy it
  13. Congrats on your HG!!
  14. gorgeous bag!
  15. It's lovely! Happy belated birthday!