My FIRST MJ goodie -- the Bev clutch/wristlet

  1. Hello MJ fans! I'm usually in the Bal and Gucci forums but recently picked up this little MJ goodie and wanted to share it with you. Meet my adorable Bev clutch/wristlet! :heart:
    IMG_1291.JPG IMG_1296.JPG IMG_1297.JPG IMG_1299.JPG IMG_1303.JPG

    I'm a big-bag kinda girl but clutches and wristlets are supposed to be hot this fall, so I couldn't resist especially when I found my Bev on for only US$198! :tup: The Bev retails for US$350 at Saks and Bloomies.

    You can wear this as a pochette (on your shoulders) or clip the chain on one side and wear it as a clutch/wristlet (as shown in my pics).

    But I have to be very disciplined about what I carry in it and have managed to fit driver's license, credit card, cash, cell phone, eyedrops, and a lipstick. The nice thing is I can put my cards and cash either in the inner card slots or the outer pocket.

    I can't wait to use her! :nuts:
  2. Congrats, great deal too!!
  3. That's super cute!! I love the mini pushlock zipper. How did your diabro transaction go? Was it smooth and quick? Just curious.
  4. wow good deal. i was looking at the ivory at Saks the other day and wondering how much i could fit into's definitely good for quick trips out...
  5. Thanks! Yes, it was my first transaction with Diabro and I was very happy dealing with them. I ordered the clutch last Sunday and it arrived in Canada on Thursday. Then it was stuck in Customs until it was delivered to me the following Monday (took a total of one week).

    After I put in my order on their website, someone in Japan actually phoned me the same day to verify my credit card info for security reasons.

    And without my asking, they declared a lower value ($55) and marked it as a "gift" so I didn't have to pay customs. :yahoo:

    But the only negative is it's very difficult to make returns/exchanges with Diabro -- apparently, you have to jump through lots of hoops. Diabro even says so on their website -- to choose your purchase carefully and if you want to return/exchange, you need to get "prior agreement with Diabro" first. :confused1:

    Other than their return policy, it seems they are good to deal with and sell authentic bags. Best thing is they mark down certain colours that may not be as popular in Japan. My clutch was marked down b/c I guess the black version isn't popular right now. But the same clutch in beige is still going for $350.

    Hope this helps!
  6. It's a pretty tight squeeze and I recently got a slimmer cell phone (Motorazr) so everything just fits. Oops, I forgot about car keys...I guess I'll use it mostly when I go out with my DH and he's driving. :p

    I like the ivory too!
  7. Really nice!! I've thought the Bev was super cute ever since it came out. Congrats on getting one at such a great price!
  8. diabro seems like a great site. i might just buy a stam there!! :nuts: