My first MJ by MJ from SAKS sale!

  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Super K Bag (please correct me if the name is wrong!)

    I'm not sure whether I want to keep it because I normally don't wear black bags..however I got such a great deal on it (75% off) and that's why I bought it! It's a very slouchy bag which is different from my other bags (mostly LV/balenciaga/coach)...what should I do?:shrugs:

  2. OMG! i want one of these sooooooooo bad! :drool:75% off???? :wtf:are you kidding me? :noggin:how much was it??
  3. That is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where did you find it & how much....?!?!
  4. Congrats!! 75% off WOW
  5. I love it and what a great price!!
  6. A girl was walking around my Saks with this same bag yesterday morning...I was very envious that she was able to snag it.

    I think it's really cute! I hope you keep it!!
  7. 75% off!! Great deal, I love that bag, Cograts!
  8. 75% OFF? :nuts: WOW! :yahoo: KEEP IT! :wlae: KEEP IT!:wlae:

    I wanna see it!
  9. Keep! Looks great!
  10. I'm sorry...I made a was about 65% off...

    $166 ..retail price was $478...i was there at 8am for the Saks event!
  11. i have the the other posh bag in navy blue too. i love it!
  12. amazing price, congrats!
  13. I couldn't see it while at work earlier... Your bag is a beauty!
  14. Gorgeous! I love it. I saw a girl carrying it the other day and it was SO cute on her shoulder! GREAT buy!
  15. Omg wow.