my first MJ bag

  1. went to off Saks today, and I got myself a dark berry MJ bag :biggrin:. OMG, my husband is gonna kill me. :sad:
  2. Welcome to the club!!

    You must post a pic - what style did you get?
  3. Pics please!!!!
  4. I got the katie bag. They have lots of MJ bags today. I was torn between the multipocket, pochette (it was online last night on eluxury. now it is out of order.) and the katie bag. the pochette is too small. and the multipocket is too big. I am short, so carrying the mutilpocket made me look funny.
    I settled with the katie bag. it is the right size, color and price.
  5. Oooo I can't wait to see the pics
  6. Me_love_purse, congrats on Berry Katie! Wondering how it looks like, can't wait to see your pictures. LOL! Nah, your husband will be fine. =)
  7. okay... since this is my first MJ, I guess I should ask you girls what I should do to take care of it. Should I buy one of thise leather polishing thingy? or.....
  8. congrats, post some pics if you can! :yes:
  9. pictures please....
  10. Congrats on your first MJ!
  11. I want see that bag ! Please share it to me !
    Maybe it's very nice and expensive !
  12. Congrats! I'm sure it will be the first of many;)
  13. finally, i took pic of this bag.
    here it is
  14. that is a pretty color. The leather looks yummy.
  15. i think the flash makes the color lighter. it is actually darker. dark berry.
    ever since i joined this forum (which is this month), i bought 2 bags already....
    my wallet is crying in pain.