my first mj bag!

  1. I got this Diana bag at Nordstrom, and I LOVE it. I love the chain strap and it is so comfortable to hold. Does anyone else have this bag? I'd love to see someone else wearing it! :heart:
    Marc Jacobs Handbagsmall.jpg
  2. Love it! I don't own one, but they are very pretty.
  3. Love the bag & the color - congrats!
  4. Really nice bag! Love it!!
  5. Beautiful bag...Great color too!
  6. Congrats!! It looks so pretty in elephant! I own two Seventies Satchels but no Dianas.
  7. Congrats! :woohoo: It's a nice color! :smile:
  8. Very pretty, congrats :smile:
  9. Wow congrats on your first bag! The color is FAB!
  10. nice bag! very nice color. i really like the chain strap. congrats!
  11. Cute first MJ bag! Love the chain and color!
  12. great color! very classy bag! congrats & welcome to your new addiction :p
  13. Congrats! Very pretty!
  14. Lovely!!!!
  15. Very nice!!! Love the color. Congrats!!