My first MJ bag..white chiffon or almond stam?

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  1. I only have Marc By collections...and now i decide to go for MJ which is Stam. Still, i can't decide on color b/t white chiffon and almond. Personally, i love "cashew", but don't think it is available here in Bangkok. Help me choose..plsss:confused1:

    ohh one more white chiffon also called ivory?...i called SA here, and she said white chiffon is coming in soon. But, i haven't seen it IRL. i only saw "white" once when i visited korea last month, but SA there said the color is called ivory....tht makes me a little bit confused:s
  2. Almond! :smile:
  3. Spring 06 and Fall 06 Stams came in Ivory. White Chiffon is from Resort '06, it looks like this:

    Between White Chiffon and Almond, I like White Chiffon more for sure. Color/style depend on each person's preference though, go with what your heart calls for. If you like Cashew, then Almond is very similar to it in terms of leather color; its stitching doesn't pop as much as Cashew's.

    Almond Stam:
  4. I like almond. Good luck. Go look IRL and then make your decision. The Stam is a lovely bag. I tried one on and really liked it.
  5. White Chiffon is gorgeous up close and personal. Go for it!
  6. I vote white chiffon! I have the Elise in white chiffon and I love it!!:love: It looks beautiful on the stam as well!
  7. I think there's a big difference in the interior... the Ivory will most likely have the cream canvas interior whereas the White Chiffon and the Almond will have the brown canvas interior with no nameplate... Not sure if that will make a difference to you. Almond may not look as dirty as quickly either, but both will hold up well if you clean the bag regularly.
  8. I like the white chiffon best!!:love:
  9. million thks ladies....

    since both colors seem to be equally popular...i'll have to c them IRL...and choose wht my heart is calling for....

    btw...thks thks thks...this is a very supportive community...
  10. I think that the white chiffon is divine. It will look fabulous all year round, but especially so in Spring and Summer. :heart:

    Good luck making your choice! xx