My first MJ bag EVER!!!!

  1. Now, I know lovekoobabags just posted hers... but I'm too excited to wait!! :yahoo:

    I got my first EVER MJ bag - an Alyona in gray! :heart: Got it off eBay, actually ha.

    I'm posting pics of it, but I'm actually hoping that you guys could help reassure me that it's real - because the tag that was included said absolutely nothing except "Marc Jacobs."

    Will come in a few posts for attachments! Thanks!!! *dances*
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg mj4.jpg mj5.jpg
  2. 2nd post...
    mj6.jpg mj7.jpg mj8.jpg mj9.jpg
  3. and last...
    mj10.jpg mj11.jpg
  4. Gorgeous!! congrats! I love grey quilted leather.
  5. Lovely in grey!
  6. oh my goodness, that is gorgeous!
  7. Congratulations...I love the quilted grey!!
  8. wow very pretty and elegant.
  9. Thanks so much, everyone! I assume there is nothing wrong with the tag then?

    Oh, and also.. am I not allowed to get this bag wet at all?
  10. So pretty, I love how its so elegant.
  11. So pretty! How exciting....Your first MJ is a beauty. I am sure it will be the first of many.
  12. I've already got my eye on a Stam on Craigslist haha.. only thing is, it's the same color, I believe.
  13. thanks for stealing my thunder! LOL * just kidding * congratulations!
    don't you just love her?
  14. I'm totally loving her (minus the fact you can't carry by just the chain on your shoulders, b/c it's not comfortable for me to shoulder carry the straps only).

    How is yours holding up? Should I be avoiding rain with this bag?
  15. What a beautiful bag--congrats!!