My first Miumiu

  1. Sorry if you guys are disappointed because this bag I’ve just got isn’t a new model at all...

    Meet my new baby: Vitello Lux in Rubino! Seriously the colour is to die for!

    I bought this preloved from a friend and she took care of the bag so well for so many years (bought in 2009 - fall collection)! No scuffings or anything! A true beauty!

    I really lucked out on this purchase and I’m so happy!!! Can’t wait to bring it out to use it!

    E1A1D94E-558B-4988-8B0C-31C6D1D69FF0.jpeg FDFBED60-70E7-4F13-B6B2-289FB7E23D4D.jpeg B8A37B4E-4F40-4108-A83E-91EA9010DBA5.jpeg EAF21A54-8D07-45B1-B9EB-AD50BFAE281F.jpeg
  2. Nice colour, congratz!