My First Miu Miu - Vitello Lux in Nero

Aug 31, 2006
Hi guys

I don't post on here very often but I picked up my first Miu Miu bag so i thought you would appreciate some pictures. I got it from Flannels in Birmingham, England and I wanted to tell you this because I got it for £695 and I know that is a lot cheaper than they sell them for in some Miu Miu freestanding stores so I wanted to share the information. If you look on this website there is a list of Flannels stores but they don't sell Miu Miu on the website. They are much more helpful in Flannels than I have ever had in any designer store, where a lot of the staff are snobby, they are not like this at all at Flannels.

Anyway here we go, here are the pics of my baby :yahoo:

Pink dustbag and little note from Katie at Flannels

Vitello Lux in Nero (the tag said Shiny so I don't know if there is a non-shiny version)..

I love the bows and the gold hardware, so pretty.

Anyway I hope the information about Flannels was helpful and have a lovely weekend x



Bal Addict
Mar 21, 2009
gorgeous bag!!! I absolutely love the bow bag style. I regret letting mine go...
super congrats!!! :biggrin: