My first Miu Miu purchase !! Brought 2 gorgeous bags home <3

  1. I'm currently studying in Japan, and today was my first trip to a Miu Miu shop in a department store! The selection was hugeee, and I was in true heaven. I am soo happy I immediately spotted the two bags I fell in love with on the Internet! It is more expensive to buy luxury brands in Japan (+ a 5% tax), but it is definitely the place to be if you are looking for a specific bag in a specific color! In loveee.. In loveee! As soon as I touched the soft buttery fabric to these bags, I knew I couldn't let go. This is the first time a bag of any kind has made me fall so deeply in love and weak in the knees over.. lol.

    and who else to show my first purchases to, other than the lovely ladies at the purse forum? =) this is also my first picture post in the forum to show off my purchases !

    Presenting my first two Miu Miu purchases~ black Nappa spring + chocolate brown bow satchel

    gorgeous biggg miu miu bag with a lovely ribbon~

    me looking like crap, bummin around look, but with gorgeous bag on my arm :smile:
  2. Beautiful and beautiful!! Congrats and welcome to the forum!! ;)
  3. love both, congrats!
    you're very cute! ;)
  4. oohhh, they are both fabulous!
  5. love your know bow satchel can be used as a shoulder bag by doubling long strap,I think using 3 ways if this bag is so coooool
  6. lovelovelove the bow satchel...still hoping that they'll bring it to HK soon!
  7. they are lovely bags, congratulations on your new purchases! :smile:
  8. Both are beautiful bags...enjoy them! :okay:
  9. Lovely, congrats.
  10. both are beautiful! i would've died for just one! congrats.
  11. I love them both!! The more I see the bow satchel, the more I want it!! Congratulations!
  12. gorgeous bags! I especially love the bow satchel :love: what a lucky girl you are :heart:
  13. Congratulations! Love them both.
  14. Congrats!
  15. wow- they're both beautiful!:heart: congrats!