My first Miu Miu - Keep or return??


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  1. Hi, I bought my first Miu Miu at Saks over the weekend and I love it. At least I love looking at it, I haven't taken the tag off yet because I'm not 100% sure whether to return it or not. I really like metallic, but I'm not sure if this is too much metallic.
    Opinions?? Thanks!!!
  2. I think its cute. It would look great with jeans and heels for going out!
  3. I like metallics, but this one is too "in your face" for my tastes, but we're all different.

    My theory on this is that if you have to talk yourself into a bag or get help from others to talk you into it, you probably should take it back. For the price tags on these bags you should be totally in love with it. :shrugs:
  4. I think it depends on the purpose of you purchased this bag. To me, it is a evening/special occasion bag instead of a everyday bag. The metallic is too shining for me as a everyday bag. But it sure will stand out in evenings.
  5. It's a bit much of metallic for me, but I'm also pretty conservative. :smile:
  6. I still can't decide! Every time I walked by this bag at Saks I loved it and wanted to buy it and now that I have it, for some reason I haven't taken the price tag off....I need more opinions, Pleeeeease????? THANK YOU!
  7. The mixed metallics trend is long past and the patchworked leather looks funny, IMO. I'd return it and look for a regular coffer or something else.
  8. I don't even need to know what bag it is to give my answer:

    I say any time you're even considering returning, that means return. To spend this kind of money on something it needs to be something that makes your heart flutter, that you feel like you can't live without.
  9. i personally prefer the 'classic' coffers but it depends whether you like it. :yes:
  10. I do like metallics, but I prefer them more subtle.

    I think you're trying to talk yourself into keeping it. You have to love it, and if you don't, return it. You should be ecstatic when you buy a new bag, especially for the price you are paying.

    Good Luck!
  11. it is an in your face METALLIC- but I love it.
    I love buying in your face stuff.. This purse will set off an outfit !!
    its a keeper
  12. sorry but i'm not too fond of the patchwork & metallic....i voted for "return"
  13. This is the kind of bag that you could be bored with in less than a year. I don't know about you but I wouldn't spend anywhere near $1000 on a fad bag.
  14. wow that metallic is soo 'bling'! I think the Miu Miu coffer is a classic from the Miu Miu line, so I think you should return your metallic and get a natural colored one :smile:
  15. I personally was one of the people who aren't big on metallics. But for people who love metallics, which is a big trend right now, this bag is really cute!
    What my thoughts are is if I ever have doubts how having bought a bag, I end up returning it. But all that matter is if you love it, keep it!! This bag will definitely dress up any outfit!