My first Miu Miu Gauffre Clutch!

  1. I'd been obsessing with getting my hands on a red coloured Balenciaga for the last 3-4 months but my desires were starting to wane as I saw more and more fakes flooding the local scene :cursing: & i decided then to look elsewhere for yummilicous bags.

    I had been trying to find Christmas presents (I know it's only Nov but I try to settle these things sooner) & decided to take a looksie at what was in Miu Miu. To cut a long story short, I saw this on Thursday, called Miu Miu on Friday, & bought this sexy little princess on Saturday! It was instant love @ first sight! :love:

    So I present to you today, my sexy little princess, Vera! (apologies for the bad lighting!)


    I'm beginning to think that all my precious handbags are going to be from Prada & Miu Miu at the rate I'm going! :graucho::girlsigh:
  2. beautiful Vera!
    such a sweetie!
  3. What a cutie! Congratulation!
  4. What? How did I miss this? Love that!!! Did you see any other colors? ..And may I ask the $$$ amount? Great taste!! Geez all of a sudden I like everything!! :graucho:
  5. They had a gold previously but it's all sold out! I got it for SGD540. There are 2 pieces left, including the display clutch so better get it quick! The SA told me that this design has been selling like hot cakes!

    Vera's really happy with the compliments; thanks y'all! :p
  6. Aha it's in Singapore? That's how you missed it Emmy. That is a very nice miu miu -- didn't realize they did anything like that for the fall. Enjoy !!
  7. Hey Jenskar, yupyups! It's in Singapore.. I actually mistook it for the Plisse when I saw it on Thursday & went online to surf & check it out again but I :heart: this very much as well! I'm gonna see if I can snag another Miu Miu bag during the sale in 3 weeks' time! I just hope that something nice goes on sale, otherwise I will haunt the shoe section!
  8. Lilflobowl, you mean MiuMiu in SG is having sale soon? I'm eyeing a bag. If there's a sale coming, I'll wait! :drool:
  9. Yes yes! I asked the SA & she said 2nd week of Dec. I'm not sure which bags will go on sale but hopefully more than just the pink/purple/peachie looking ones that they have... *fingers crossed*

    but if the nice bags don't go on sale I'm prepared to attack the shoes!
  10. thanks for the info!!! I'm in love with the new season bag and really tempted to get it.:heart:
  11. that's cute
  12. just want to let u know that i bought this clutch TODAY after seeing your pics last night..
    i could not help calling the local miu miu store. luckily i was able to find and get a brand new one. it's soft and gorgeous..
    thanks again.. i've been looking around for a black clutch at reasonable price (i seldom use clutch actually) and this is a PERFECT one.
  13. hahah! not a problem at all! as long as someone buys the last one we won't have to worry about it going on sale in 2 weeks! :p

    if we ever attend the same function & we're both carrying our clutches we better say hi! :graucho:
  14. that's so cute!