My first Miu Miu Coffer in yummy Plum

  1. Now I know why you gals go crazy over this bag, it is so soft and pretty, love her.:love:
    IMG_7197.JPG IMG_7200.JPG
  2. congrats! Its beautiful..I was dying to see what a real one looked like (ie, not stock photo):love:.
  3. Congrats! Such a useful color..Yours actually looks a lot more "plum" than the ones ive seen in irl. Lovely!
  4. Congrats! I saw this bag IRL in NM, it's a gorgeous deep purple, looks hot with the golden hardware. Hopefully I'll get one this x'mas.
  5. congrats...{I want also to be coffer owner}...noon- I agree with you,it seems more's been a while since I saw at IRL,I remember more like blackish..but I have been seeing tpf coffer owners picture more and more and I guess I remember is more close to brown
  6. Gorgeous color! i love how it looks like a deep plum sometimes and then chocolatey too. Congrats!!
  7. Thanks ladies, the color is beautiful. I tried the black on and just wasn't that wild about it, this color was like love at first sight. It is like a dark chocolate color with a hint of purple.
  8. OMG - Absolutely gorgeous....:drool: Now, I'm seriously thinking about that color next :graucho:

  9. heheh I knew it :yahoo:
  10. oooo :drool: :drool: That color is so rich and TDF! what a lucky girl ;)
  11. Wow.. beautiful bag!
  12. congrats! this is one of the nicest colors i've ever seen! i saw this bag IRL a few weeks ago, and it's TDF!
  13. yyuuuuummmmyyy:drool::drool:!!

    This is my fav color in the coffer! I'm dying to see it IRL but neither my Saks or NM have it in stock!:push:

    Does it seem to bend in when it's not fully stuffed?

  14. I don't even have a Saks and NM near me :sad: so I had the bag sent to me. I just got her yesterday so I haven't taken her out yet. I did try her around the house with all my usual things in it, it didn't seem to bend, at least I didn't notice. Maybe another PFER can chime in. Hope you get to see one IRL, it is beautiful. I never cared for the Coffer until I saw her!! :yes:
  15. That's such a yummy color and not one you see on every corner. Me likey!!! :yes: