My first miu miu accessorie! <3

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  1. hey guys!! i just had my 22nd birthday my bf got me this lovely miu miu bracelet! TDF! im wanting to get another one in another colour!!

    here it is! :yahoo:

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  2. OMG IT'S GORGEOUS! love the dusty pink shade!
  3. Loves!!!
  4. gorgeous!!! congrats!!
  5. o very pretty congrats
  6. very lovely, congrats!
  7. very cute :cutesy:
  8. Congrats!!
  9. so cute :heart: congrats!
  10. :drool: Very lovely..congrats!
  11. congrats on the gorgeous bracelet!! what other colours does it come in? haven't seen it in store :sad:
  12. hey jeggie! thanks! it comes in heaps of colours, but iv only seen dusky pink,grey which is gorgoeus and next on my wishlist, and off white..

    they even do bright striking colours but i havnt seen them!
  13. Happy birthday:Partyhat: your bracelet is fab! I want one in every color:graucho: