My FIRST Miu Miu, a classic black Coffer


May 19, 2006
I am a huge Balenciaga fan who went off track sometime last year to indulge in RM bags. It was however shortlived & back on Bal I was. But one day, I woke up & had to have a Coffer. :yahoo: I was lurking around absorbing a whole lotta information around here before I went to Miu Miu near me. When I was there, I fell in love with the light off white creamy beigey shade Coffer but the SA showed me all the colour transfer & scared me enough so I got a Black. I am never a Black bag person but I do love the Coffer in Black. The leather is so squishy soft, I cannot stop touching it when I was there. So here's my Black Coffer!!!



pretty things ♥-er!
Sep 1, 2006
i have to admit coffer isn't a bag i will fall in love at 1st sight but now I am sold! all thanks to TPF!

congrats on ur 1st miu miu, pinkboudoir! it's gorgeous! black is really classy!


♡ embrace minimalism
Dec 14, 2008
This is the mosttttttttttttt gorgeous bag EVER!

Can i ask a noob question??

I see alot of the classic miumiu coffer black bags, they dont have the miu miu tag/key on the right side.. whereas the newer coffers have it.. is it supposed to be that way?